Sunday, January 11, 2009

011/365 emma's party

emma's birthday party

neither snow nor floods could stop this baby! after a couple of last minute reschedules we finally were able to have emma's birthday party. had the fam over for her very favorite dinner {spaghetti} and all of the other regular birthday goodness. there was quite the stash of barbie loot along with the timelessly cool easy-bake oven.

so the pic of the day came from the pinacle of any birthday party... and the big bad wolf himself couldn't compete with the lungs on my baby girl. :)

oh, i did a couple of simple photoshop photo editing tutorials that i posted on flickr.
one for defogging pictures
and the other for reducing the yellow in pictures


Gretchen Clark said...

thanks for the tutorials...cannot wait to check them out after work today :) I am enjoying your 365 project!

Have a terrific day!!!

Amy said...

Love that photo! At first I thought she was singing too, but then realized she was giving the big bad wolf a run for the money!
I got my new copy of CK in the mail this weekend and loved the article about you making the cards for our troops. Anyone who follows your blog realizes what a caring and sharing woman you are, now everyone can realize how you truly do brighten the lives of others. I am so happy they included you in the article!
Thanks for your continued inspiration Noel! Oh, and I cannot wait for my little one to be old enough for the easy bake oven! That little oven rocks! I loved that thing and I have a few polaroids that my mom took about 30years ago of me & my friend baking with it! I can just see the layout... LOL!

Sue said...

Noel - thanks for the tutorials. My new year resolutions inlude learning more about editing my pics. We'll have to get together sometime. Glad you weren't flooded out. I feel bad for all the people who have such a mess to clean up and all the insurance paperwork, etc.

Sue in Smokey Point

Veronica said...

Good Shot! Glad she was able to celebrate w/family. That is my son's fave meal and I make it for his b-day also, which is in March!!

carla abram said...

Super cute picture of blowing out the candles!

Liana said...

That's such an awesome shot you captured!


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