Monday, January 12, 2009


you know your husband is injured when...

when you have to hire out to take down the christmas lights! {well, at least that's a really big deal in our house.} my do it yourself guy, had to do the nearly ultimate pride slasher... hire someone to take down the christmas lights. he's all about doing all of the *manly* work around the house. so do ask another guy to come over and do the work... oh man! anyway, lucky for us we know a few handy guys around town, and hans came to our rescue. thanks hans! (and yes, he beat out the barbie for the picture of the day.)

my #2 choice was going to be high school musical gabriella barbie... part of emma's birthday barbie bonanza. basking on the blue couch by the fire with her flip phone. what is it they say about barbie? that girl has everything!


Veronica said...

Must be a "Tim the Tool Man" complex?! LOL My hubby was the same when I had to have someone cut the grass after his knee surgery! Stan needs to heal. Pride has to take a backseat now! Feel better soon!

Joanie said...

Noel, I just want to thank you for your inspiration to really do Project 365. I am borrowing your fun border idea. I love it. Come over and see if you get a chance.

PS I'm glad your husband wasn't hurt badly... what a blessing.


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