Saturday, May 24, 2008

the amazing blessing we call life

the amazing blessing
we call life

at a time when people barely know their neighbors, i was seriously blessed by one today. i'm not sure he even knows what a difference he had in our little lives... but nonetheless he did. after way too many days of rain to count, a seriously steep hillside yard, over knee high grass, and a mom-of-the-house (i.e. me) who is not particularly talented with a lawn mower... i had a serious chore on my hands. well, we finally had some sunshine quite by surprise today, so i decided to mow our small jungle. i had talked with stan via webcam last night to get the particulars on starting a mower that hadn't been started in awhile, and set off to my task.

step 1 - getting that sucker down the hill. we live on a hillside that's pretty steep. (the ups man once told me that i have the steepest driveway in town.) so when i started pushing the mower down to the flat part of the lawn, lets just say i wasn't exactly pushing. more like running behind a wild runaway machine... the only thing slowing it down was the sheer volume of grass it was rolling through.

step 2 - starting the mower & keeping it on. i took it down to the street and started it there just like stan told me. and started mowing. well, apparently mowers don't really like to stay running in tall damp grass. so not very far into my little adventure. it stopped. back out to the street i went to start her up again. no dice. i pulled and pulled and couldn't get it started again.

looking admittedly quite pitiful, my neighbor a few houses down must have seen me. (i didn't realize anyone else on the street was outside at the time, so consumed with trying to get the mower running again.) my neighbor came by and asked if i needed some help getting it started again. i was so grateful. he started it right up, gave me a few more mowing tips for my task at hand, and i was on my way again!

step 3 - mowing a jungle & not destroying your mower. slow and steady mows a jungle. and that was what filled the next hour or so. not that my yard is very big, but it was way out of control.

about 2/3 of the way through the bottom (flattish) part of the lawn, my neighbor in shining armor came back by. he asked if i'd like for him to help me finish up. i said i'd be alright... i should be able to finish. he said, well, i got my mower out and if i work on the hill and you finish up down here, we'll be done in no time.

to make a long story longer... he helped me finish. i am so grateful for my neighbors, my neighborhood, my small town, and all of its blessings... for all of those people that see someone struggling and help them out, and the reminder to me to do the same whenever i can. sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest blessings. thank you. :)


Ethan Mashimo said...

I love it!!

Sometimes I think that all of my neighbors are crazy. birds of a feather flock together. :P But stories like this warm my heart!

Maybe you can start a lawn mowing business (wink)


Stan said...

I proud of you honey. I know how difficult that yard is to mow (mostly because I usually do it :). I would have to say, rather selfishly, that I kind of like little stories like this not just because it brings out the best in our neighbors, but because I'm sure the whole time you were mowing the yard you were saying, "I sure wish Stan was here!". I'm sure there is a special place in heaven for the individuals that help out my family while I'm gone. Thanks neighbor!

Ally0005 said...

If more neighborhoods were like this, the world be a better place.
I think we all look for big blessing, but small blessing are around us all the time.

Sarah E. said...

My neighbor is like that and I feel so blessed as well. I am glad you got it done girl. I pay our neighbors son to mow are lawn and I had to knock on a door to figure out how to start the mower. :) You go girl! :)

Hayley said...

I love hearing things like this. When dh was gone (3 months in colombia and 7 months in Afghan) so many people helped me and ds out. It is great how people will unselfishly help out.

**sidenote - we are going through something like this now. We just moved to TX in March and just found out that the owner of the house we are renting wasn't paying his mortgage and the house if foreclosing. None the less we have to move. We have had TONS of people (probably 20 or so, and some I don't even know that just heard what happened) that want to help us move when the time comes.

Noel- You are almost there!!!!


Anonymous said...

noel, that is an awesome story...there are still "nice" people around & i am glad that you had one to help you with the yard...i would not even know where to begin!.....the days are windhwing down!!!...
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

jessicamae3 said...

Ok, so I totally had tears in my eyes, and then I read your husbands comment and I couldnt help having to hold back sobbing!
Little moments like these...
I so enjoy your blog and family Noel!
I commend your husband and I applaud you for holding your family together for your husband. Your little girls are so lucky!

Sara Ancich said...

I am so glad to hear you got the help you needed. Your determination is admirable...what an awesome role model you are for your girls! They will grow up to be strong independent women for sure.

Just a few more days!!!

Veronica said...

Isn't it great to live in such a wonderful neighborhood? I happen to think so! for I do! We are a "band of brothers/sisters" that help each other out the same way. I'm convinced we have angels among us and you definitely did! It's great that Stan doesn't have to worry "too much" while away! ;) TFS

inara said...

that is really sweet, that guy was an angel in disguise!

Pamela said...

Ah...such a sweet story...I am always touched by the kindness of strangers. :) You should make him a thank you card. :)

Tina said...

I was really touched by your blog today. It is nice to hear stories like this. They seem to be far and few between. I had tears thinking of how kind your neighbor was to see you struggling and come out to help.

I am so excited for you and your girls to have your husband back soon.

I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very inspiring to me.


Chrispea said...

That is sooo sweet. You totally owe that guy one of your candy bars!! ;)

Liz McCoy said...

wow isn't God great!! He sure knows our hearts and how to bless us.

What's even more fun is being able to recognize those blessings!!!

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

Dettao said...

When my kids were small, my husband drove a truck over the road and would be gone a couple of weeks at a time. (I know that is nothing like 7 months.) The one time I tried to mow our yard myself, a neighbor came over and did it for me. I'm sure I looked pretty pitiful, too. LOL I am so glad your honey is home and I hope you are enjoying your family time.


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