Monday, August 20, 2007

i heart ckmb

The last few weeks, since the SOY announcement, CK has kept me hoping! There have been profile sheets, article proposals, submissions, and several other things! It's so interesting to see a little bit of the inner workings of a magazine. I've had a lot of fun! With Vegas in less than a month... I'm starting to get a little giddy!

One of the main reasons I decided to enter SOY were my friends on the Creating Keepsakes Message Board. I'm not sure I would have thought to enter on my own. They encouraged me so much throughout the entire process of entering, waiting, and finally getting the call! I have met so many wonderful ladies that I am proud to call friends on the CKMB. On Saturday, I got a chance to have lunch with one of my message board friends, Luv2talk (aka Leslie). We laughed and talked and had a great time!!!


jodie said...

I just think you guys are so funny...sometimes it is the gals on the message board that keep you inspired and motivated!! Great picture of you two!
Jodi aka jswinger98

Latrice said...

It's so nice you and luv2talk got to meet. I hope to meet some CKMB'ers soon too. Great blog. Good luck with SOY!! I'm tagging you!! Check out my blog for instructions. You probably already know them though.

forestsister said...

too funny 2 meet someone IRL from the board! love it :) good luck with all your SOY prep for vegas! fingers r crossed 4 u.

Liz said...

man you guys are hotties! have fun in vegas, still hoping to be there!

Nicole said...

good luck, i will be so happy to see you win!! hang in there :) :)

Anonymous said...

Great picture ! It's funny to see the ladies we're talking with on the mb !


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