Thursday, September 6, 2007


Where do you find inspiration? Have you ever wandered the isles of Target, distracted from your shopping because everywhere you turn there is s0mething that inspires you? Or maybe you're having the opposite problem... you are sitting at your table, ready to scrap and........... nothing.

At times like these, I open up a new window in Firefox, and start browsing my list of bookmarked sites, filed neatly under "scrapbook inspiration" and start browsing. And in the times of plenty (of mojo) I will bookmark a site that struck me as I was browsing around.

For this layout of my brother and I, I wanted a classy, trendy, sassy and couture feel to my page to match my brother's personality. So I did some searching around my inspiration list and settled on Juicy Couture's site.

I didn't have digital elements that matched the funky shapes in the corners, so I went searching. I found these elements in PSE under Artwork & Effects > Artwork > Shapes > Ornaments (and the letter "y" is from the font lombardic). I turned, cropped, erased, and resized the shapes to get the look I was going for.

Feast or famine (in the inspiration department) I have a challenge for you...

Feast: Bookmark a list of websites, tear out magazine ads, write down color combinations of things that are currently inspiring. So when the famine comes you'll be armed and ready!

Famine: Open up Google and start searching. I've used favorite clothing brands or magazines to start. I also frequently search under graphic design and graphic design portfolios. Martha Stewart, O Magazine & Real Simple magazines all have fantasic ads, and are a great resource if you're looking to tear out some pages and start a notebook. The other great source is catalogs. My personal favorites are the Pottery Barn Catalogs, Crate and Barrell, West Elm, and Storehouse. I'm sure there are more favorites, but since it's now 2 am and I have to take my girls to school in the morning, I'm going to call it a wrap!

Have an INSPIRED day!


Visions Of Grandeur said...

Congrats to you!. I don't post at the ckmb much, but something compelled me to look at your post. Your work is lovely, you would be perfect as CK's SOY. Best of luck to you! Ann

Steve said...

So, nowelly joy joy, you went digi with this one after all the paper thoughts that were given [wink]!You might not have seen my post, I'm glad to see that my brain was thinking the classy, yet edgy thought process, yours ended up being much softer then the "dress up"/"evening out" I was talking about. It's 11:47pm here and I think i'll go log off(you're not on my quick clicks yet), so I can go visit the other blogs I favor! Note: am using hubby's account. Joyce(ckmb/royce)

Nicole P. said...

Oh my gosh, your brother looks just like you.



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