Monday, August 6, 2007

scrapbooking the proces

this is a layout that i have wanted to do since i hit my weight loss goal in april. tonight seemed like the perfect night to get it done. (i wanted to give a copy of it to my weight watchers leader tomorrow at our meeting.) this for me was all about scrapping the process... a little piece of me... ok, a BIG piece of me... 36 pounds of me!

this year one of my big goals has been to have a few more pictures of me in my scrapbook pages. since i am always the one behind the camera, i seem to wriggle my way out of being in most of our family's photos. this was especially evident to me when i was trying to find a "before" picture. it was pitiful!!! the picture i used on this layout was the best i could come up with. so if you're thinking of taking on a challenge in your scrapbooking this year, may i suggest handing the camera over? then using some of the pictures that result in your scrapbook... scrapbook your process... whatever it happens to be at this moment. thanks for looking!

background paper: jessica sprague - out of africa kit,; grunge brush & overlay: rhonna farrer,; frames on photos: katie pertiet - ledger frames,; fonts: lombardic and garamond


Funky Finds said...


angie said...

congrats....great job noel with the weight watchers and your weight should be proud
:) angie

Cindy said...

I'm a CKMB gal (a newbie) and have seen the announcement that you made the to 10 SOY. I love your layouts in your gallery and found this website from the CK site. I am so inspired by your creativeness! Keep up the great work!

jamesandlizhicks said...

So I see you hav cut back on your sins!

HA! Love this Lo, you are so beautiful! You should be so proud of yourself!!!!! 121 is a mighty fine #! can't wait to join you someday.

Love ya!!!!!


Erica Hettwer said...

Wow! Way to go, Noel! That is a real accomplishment. And, that you've been keeping at it since hitting your so admirable!!! I'm so getting your autograph at CKC-Seattle!! LOL!!


A. Sanborn said...

Enjoyed your blog so much that you've been tagged as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" here or just click on my name. *wink*

Anne :)

Allison Davis said...

Great layout!!! (as always!) Congrats on kicking some weight watcher a good way!!!

The Iskras said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! I love all your insprire people in many ways!!

Hayley (CKMB)

Confessions of A Drama Mama said...

Congrats CKSOY finalist! Your work is beautiful, you deserve it. I'm actually challenging myself as well to take pics of me and since I'll be attending CKU-Nashville and taking the Snapshot of Me class I guess I have no choice but to stick with it.

All moments remembered said...

WOW you have inspired me! Can I ask how long it took you to lose your weight? I have gained 27 lbs over the last two years from medication and well maybe a little over eating!! LOL!! Okay a lot of over eating! I enjoy your post on ckmb. I am still very new there and enjoy posting with all the super sweet ladies there. Keep up the great work with WW and congrats to you on your lose!! You look beautiful!!
Stacey (scraphappy1yahoo at ckmb)

Kim said...

Love this layout!!! You rock!

To keep you busy while waiting for your Vegas trip've been tagged!

Check out my blog ( ) to get the rules of the game and have fun! :)


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