Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

Habemus Papam! We have a pope! At 7:06 pm in Rome white smoke poured out of the chimney on the Sistine Chapel. We had been to morning Mass and after were celebrating Fr. Paul's birthday when the news came in. The room quickly cleared as everyone rushed off to see the announcement of the new Holy Father. We laughed that Fr. Paul got a pope for his birthday.  

Fr. Paul got some wine & a pope for his birthday


Modern technology mixed with the 2000 year old office of the Bishop of Rome. We awaited for the announcement with the more than half a million people in St. Peter's Square and more than a billion Catholics worldwide. We streamed the broadcast online, while the girls recorded and photographed the ceremony with their iPods the historic moment. 

The announcement came, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina will ascend the Chair of St. Peter as Pope Francis. Viva il Papa!







"The modern mind will accept nothing on authority, but will accept anything on no authority. Say that the Bible or the Pope says so and it will be dismissed without further examination. But preface your remark with “I think I heard somewhere,” or, try but fail to remember the name of some professor who might have said “such-and-such,” and it will be immediately accepted as an unshakable fact." 
-G.K. Chesterton


Cami said...

That Chesterton quote is sad and unfortunately often true.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, always full of beautiful photos, and scraps and quotes and have been reading it for a couple of years since finding some of your scraps in a book.

It is the first time I leave a comment, but I wanted to share that we also felt the emotion of the moment of the white smoke and the Habemus Papam. Both my husband and myself have cousins living and Rome and we were all living together that emotion that you felt and wrote about in your post. television, phone and e-mail helped us stay in touch and together.
One of my cousins, a student at Rome University was at the Vatican square with a couple of friends and tells me that the emotion of that time after the "fumata bianca" waiting to see the Pope was like euphoria, so many people there, many of them singing beautifully while waiting for the official announcement of the name of the Pope. A Moment full of history and emotion.

Thanks for sharing your fantastic creativity and sensibility

Nuria, from Barcelona Spain


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