Monday, March 19, 2012

Paper Layers

I love perusing vintage markets for fun finds and great decor ideas. I love to see ordinary items put to a new and delightful use around the home. Book paper scraps really get to the heart of scrapbooking - making something beautiful from an otherwise ordinary object. But, being a lover of books, I find it hard to tear out these little treasures. Enter: Glitz Designs Paper Layers. You get all of the goodness of these vintage-style pages without the heartache of tearing them from their covers.

My oldest daughter is an avid reader and loves even the smell of old books. With the thought of the rugged edge of an old book as an inspiration, I cut a Glitz Paper Layer into strips, stacked them and ruffled the edges. I added a little shabby chic touch by tucking some Glitz Trims between the layers.


Think*r {detail}

Think*r {detail}

Think*r {detail}
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Papers: Houndstooth, Floral
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Titles cardstock stickers
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Paper Layers
Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" Trim
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Trim


Glitz Paper Layers are great punched, layered, torn, misted, doodled on and even left whole.

Gorgeous {detail}

Gorgeous {detail}

Gorgeous {detail}

Gorgeous {detail}
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Paper: Rose
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Titles cardstock stickers

Glitz Design "Dance in the Sunshine" Paper Layers
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Peek a Boos
Glitz Design "Vintage Blue" Trim


camilla said...

I started reading the use of book pages for the challenge and thought, "Noel can't do that. I don't think she could tear a page out of a book, she loves them way too much to tear one up." Then I read on and realize you aren't tearing any books up. So glad that some things never change.

Love you, sweet friend.

Praying all day today and this week for you and yours.

Lea L. said...

These are just gorgeous, Noel!! Awesome job!!

Susan @ PaperCrafter's Corner said...

Wow, really beautiful!!

Alexandra Jacobs said...

I came across your website and found it very enjoyable. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!


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