Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 for a New Year

Wow! It's easy to get behind when you go on a nice long vacation right before the holidays! So for the sake of giving myself catch up time, I decided just to start my 365 pictures for 2011 fresh. Now that I have all the time in the world to catch up on the last six weeks of 2010, I can focus in on the new year.

What better way to start the new year than with a frozen moment in time. The girls on the very first day of 2011... oh how fast the time goes! Wasn't it just yesterday when they were little? It never ceases to amaze me just how much of a blessing they are each day. They've changed my life in every way, and I'd never exchange it for all the money in the world. There are blessings beyond description that come from being a mom... I am thankful for these two big blessings.

(just for fun... the girls 04.2006)

Speaking of blessings, I couldn't go without this one... I love this man with a love beyond measure. He is my partner in life and in faith, my most trusted companion, my best friend, the love of my life. I am the luckiest girl in the world because of him.

For a few of photos, I found quotes the seemed to fit with the picture and the mood of the day...


You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose
You're on your own
And you know what you know
You are the guy who'll decide where to go

- Dr Seuss

A snippet of a layout for The Scrap Review article on the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner... (just a hint: I thought it was very cool!)


Everyone is in awe of the lion tamer
in a cage with half a dozen lions
everyone but a school bus driver.
-Dr. Laurence J. Peter


A morning without coffee is like sleep.

(The inspiration for today's picture of the day... from a West Elm catalog.)


Christina Carnoy said...

Wow your girls are growing up so fast!!!

Veronica said...

Can I just tell ya, I REMEMBER that pic of the girls from 2006?!! Seriously, what lovely young ladies they are becoming. Mine is now 17 and heading off to college in the fall! boo Blessing indeed.

Luv2talk said...

Glad to see more pics. They are so inspiring. Thanks for the snippets:)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your photos Noel! I enjoyed browsing through them in 2010! I wish I could keep us with something such as this Project 365. Kudos to you :]


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