Tuesday, January 26, 2010

watermark tutorial

the question i've been asked most often about my project 365 is how to get that scrolly watermark on the bottom. well, after some google searching, downloading, recording, editing, rerecording, editing again... having a random program shut down, starting over, then editing some more... i finished my first ever screen capture tutorial on how to make that cool scrolly watermark in photoshop elements for your pictures. in the tutorial i used photoshop elements 8. i am on a mac, but all of the instructions are the same for pc users. the brush i used for my tutorial is available here, but the options are endless for cool brush styles you could use. let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!

and because it's 2:33am right now, and i still have a few minutes before my video is done uploading, i'm going to throw the 365 picture from today in.

today was a much more sunshiny day, both in the weather and in spirit. i'm sure the one helps to encourage the other, and for both i'm thankful. i worked this morning at my killer 2.5 hour/a week job. (i am a receptionist/weigh in person for weight watchers. i'm not responsible on my own, so having to maintain my lifetime status to work there is a bonus. plus the girls i work with are fabulous!) it is an encouraging job though. having been on the other side of that weigh in table myself, it's wonderful to see people succeed on their journey. and it's equally as wonderful to come alongside people as they struggle (just like we all do) to make it to the next step. of course i am ever grateful for the people who encouraged me when i was there, and 41 pounds and three years later... i'm still so thankful for their constant encouragement!

wow, i'm not really sure where that tanget came from, i had intended to write about the girls playing with their walkie-talkies after school. hum, i am a distractable one, aren't i?! but yes, onto the picture of the day... the girls decided to make the most of the sunshine that was leftover after school and get some backyard playing in. they've recently rediscovered their walkie-talkies, and i've been blessed to hear them in the mornings getting ready saying things like, "yes, mom's doing my hair, but you better get down here quick. OVER." so after school they grabbed them again, and went to play outside in the waning light. emma got geared up like an explorer and set out around the house... torrey spied on her from the deck. i spied on torrey, who was spying on emma, who was being a goofball. this was the result of all that spying. :)

happy tuesday!


Tracy said...

Thank you for this tutorial! It makes the photoshop illiterate people like myself feel like we can actually accomplish something!

and...if you were my WW receptionist, I probably wouldn't keep gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over again! Because of course I would bribe you to come clothes shopping with me when I hit goal (you wouldn't want to fly to MA this Spring would you????)

Have a great day Noel! Thanks for the never ending inspiration (on all accounts!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel-
Love the tutorial, I'm trying so hard to learn Photoshop right now! My volume is really bad on my computer, I was wondering if you could post the name of the digikit for the stamps you used?

Great job!! Huge help!!

Anonymous said...

So apparently I didn't have enough coffee before my shower to completely read your post; just noticed the link to the brush kit tools! Thanks and yes, I'm feeling a bit ditzy!!!

Erica Hettwer said...

It's so good to hear your voice again! :) Thanks for this tutorial! Now, how about some more photo editing ones? LOL!

Jenni said...

Wonderful tutorial Noel! I do have a question... several questions actually... about P365 in general. Maybe you could help?
So, I noticed you have your P365 up on Flickr and your blog. What are the advantages to posting on Flickr? At what resolution/file size do you save your P365 pictures? You also link to Facebook and post pictures there... do you have any pattern or guidelines for what you post where?
Any advice on these kinds of things would be great! I have been resizing and using the 'save for web' feature, but I someday want to print all my P365 (maybe a Blurb book) and I hope I'm saving them properly for that! I'm also looking for a nice, streamlined 'system' to repeat througout the rest of the year as I take, edit, and post P365 pictures.
Thanks Noel!

noel joy said...

hi jenni,
i do have a rhyme and reason for the posting... kind of. lol. here's my process:

i take all of my pictures in RAW format. do an initial edit in lightroom. i choose one for p365 which i export to photoshop for final editing & adding the watermark. from there i export it to facebook and flickr.

my main reason for exporting to facebook is for sharing larger sets of pictures with friends and family. a blog post is probably not the place to post 85 pictures of skiing. plus, it's the fastest access for stan to see pictures when he's gone.

i export to flickr to use as a webhost for my pictures. the pictures on my blog are hosted by flickr. flickr has album sorting abilities, so i can have a scrapbook set, a 365 set, etc. but i can also use the embedding links to post pictures to this site, or others i work with, without uploading the picture multiple times.

if you're not posting (or have the potential to) the pictures in multiple places, you really wouldn't need to upload them to flickr. a blog would be just fine.

as for saving, i save all of my pictures at the highest resolution for print. then export them (using adobe lightroom) to flickr for web use. that way i'm not having to resize them and save them on my computer. this saves me precious hard drive space. i can choose the size dimensions for flickr right from the lightroom uploader.

i hope this is helpful. workflow always seems to be a personal thing... and different parts apply depending on what you're doing with your pictures.

Kendra said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial! I can't wait to make one myself!


Kathy C. said...

Thanks Noel! Very helpful!!

Holly S said...

Love the easy instructions you give but I don't know if it's only me but it is very difficult to hear you...my laptop speakers are turned all the way up and the volume control for the video itself is all the way up...I missed some of what you were saying.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the reply Noel. Your explanation does help--- I can see how the flickr blog connection works well when you size and upload once. So, after reading that, I am once again wondering if I should dive into Lightroom! I don't shoot RAW yet, though.
Well, definitely good food for thought and a really appreciate hearing about your workflow! Thanks so much for sharing!

Tanya said...

Great tutorial- it's just what I've been looking for!!


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