Friday, September 25, 2009

to the man of my dreams

sepia 11x14 chief stan
to the man of my dreams
a man of honor
a man of deep faith
a man of discipline
and character
a man with amazing courage
and love
a man of compassion
and strength
my man

to the father of my children
terrific daddy
giving father
doting husband
loving son
dedicated sailor
navy chief
helpful son in law
church deacon
understanding friend

to the man i love for his spunk
his sassy-ness
his sense of humor
his dignity
his heart
his mad drum skills
his honesty
his virtue
his trustworthiness
his consistency

to the love of my life
my #1 guy
my one and only
my amazing husband... stan my man

happy 34th birthday stan!
i love you, always.

sepia 11x14 military honors
{just 34 of the things i love about you, although there are a million more.}


Scrappy Girl said...

How sweet! Happy Bday Stan!

Ashley Harris said...

What a great post! Love it! Happy Birthday Stan!

Marfa said...

Very nicely done, I love that photo...I hope you have a great birthday celebration together!

Eileen said...

That's impressive! Happy Birthday Stan!

Chrispea said...

Hey Stan, I think she's a keeper!!

Patti said...

Awesome photos!!
Happy Birthday Stan!!

Anonymous said...

i love that last photo. it looks so vintage and authentic! :)


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