Monday, July 20, 2009

wandering around & home again

ahhhh! back home again. after a fabulous two week vacation, we're home again and getting back into the swing of things. we rolled in to some fabulous weather, and have been enjoying eating outside. today we ran around doing all of those post vacation errands that come up. you know, little things like having food in the house and stuff like that. :)

also a quick trip to gymboree to redeem my gymbucks. i heart 50% off cute stuff, like this super cute coat. i'm hoping the size 12 will clearance out & i can pick one up for myself. it's a sickness, i know! lol. they were nice enough to hold some stuff for me while i was heading back from vacation. {have i mentioned how much i love the staff in that store?!}

and yesterday was all about catching up on household things. i'd like to say i am now caught up on all of my laundry, but sadly, i haven't even started it! yah, i'm still THAT girl. did get a scrapping assignment done, though. but stan got the yard looking amazing. he's pretty darn fantastic that way (and every other way)! so after a long hard day of catching up, a soak in the hot tub was in order.

i'll work backwards through the last week of vacation to try and catch up. we drove through the night on the way home, picking up a fair amount of the insect population from wyoming, montana, idaho and washington along the way. we used to make this 18 hour drive driving through the night every year... but i think we're getting a little too old for that, because poor stan is still trying to recover from it!

along the way home we drive back through grand teton national park & yellowstone. we stopped at brooks lake near towgotee pass to check out the view there too. not too shabby to have to drive through such amazing country to get home. :) the rest of day 11 pictures are here.

on our last full day at the ranch we went on a hike up to split rock & and an old abandoned logging cabin. the girls had never been up there, so it was a lot fun showing them the places stan used to hike as a kid. {the ranch has been in stan's family for 5 generations now. it's awesome to have a place where the whole family can get together from all over the country.} the rest of the album from this day is here: day 10 album.

day 9 of vacation was spent tooling around the lake and taking the girls horseback riding. emma rode rusty, who is now 38, and was the same horse stan learned to ride on as a little kid. how cool is that?! the rest of the day 9 pics are here.

grandpa gene (stan's dad) is such a good grandpa... or grandpappy, as we like to call him. the girls "did his hair" for him several times on the trip. the giggling could be heard from all around. :) we spent the day fishing, playing horse shoes & shooting. (a man's dream day!) the rest of the day 8 pictures are here.

ahhh! the first full day at the ranch! lots of r&r was in order. kicking back, doing some fishing, visiting with the family. all around peaceful day (and only a few pictures to show for it.)

torrey in front of the torrey lake ranch sign. can you guess where we got her name? we headed out from yellowstone on day 6 and drove down, through teton national park, to the ranch. man, those tetons just come out of nowhere at you. simply amazing to marvel at God's creation! the rest of the pictures of day 6 are here.

so that's it! two weeks of fabulous summer vacationing. we couldn't have asked for a better trip. i'm looking forward to a nice week at home in the sun before heading out on saturday to c.h.a. happy monday (the last few minutes of it, anyway!)

**please forgive the overuse of the words ahhh & fabulous. :)**


Chrispea said...

Looks like a fantastic time. I have never had a 2 week vacation in my life! Someday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. I've never been out west and I am now really anxious to see it! Beautiful country!

Cindy in Michigan

jessicamae3 said...

Lovely and fabulous! I love reading your blog!

MAM said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like a wonderful vacation :)


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