Thursday, July 23, 2009

smells like tween spirit

smells like tween spirit

oi! how is it that no matter how much you savor the moment, it still seems to fly by? another mom moment today... i was walking through target with the girls and one of their friends. there was a lot of girlie giggling about some little boy who kept making faces at them. so i'm picking up a little bottle of travel shampoo and torrey mentioned that she thought she needed some deodorant. i assured her she didn't... but she offered for me to do a smell test. UM, YAH... she needed deodorant! how weird is it that a flood of feelings came over me, thinking how much changed in just the blink of an eye. it seems like it's just the gateway into a whole new part of her little life. but being there in with three giggling girls did help me keep myself pulled together enough to help her pick out some asian pear scented secret deodorant.

when we got home the two of us walked the yard and talked about growing up stuff. crazy how-am-i-already-at-this-point stuff and cute little things too. she said, "i'm going to have to start thinking about different kinds of christmas presents now. do you think a purse is a sensible gift for a girl my age?" that's my girl. :)

she seems to be taking it all in stride. today, at least!

i saved the news for her to tell stan when he got home from work. i seriously think he choked up when he heard the news. why is it that there just seems to be this intrinsic understanding that this is the beginning of many changes to come? such a silly thing. deodorant. who knew? stan just sat and hugged her for several minutes. it's kinda choking me up typing this. just a sweet moment to watch & ponder.

yes, i did get a picture of her with her little bottle of deodorant... but promised her i wouldn't post it online. :)

seize the day! life flies by faster than we expect it.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow! Just a reminder that everything changes. How great that you were able to share a special walk together!

I am at the same stage with my son. At times he is still goofy like a little boy, but when you look at him, you can see the changes. He still holds my hand when we walk somewhere (even being the one to reach for it). I am going to miss these days!

Anonymous said...

Our 10 year old is beginning those changes and it's weird, thinking that having an older grown daughter it wouldn't affect me but it has. first came the Teen Spirit, which is very fruity - who knew deodorant could smell kid friendly? A couple weeks ago we added a little sports bra, it all happens so quickly! Funny story: our 8 yr liked the way the deo. smelled good so she felt the need to apply also! Monkey see, monkey do!

noel joy said...

oh my goodness kim! on the way home from target emma had a breakdown because she felt so little and young since she couldn't do anything, like have deodorant, that torrey & her friends do.

Anonymous said...

my oh my. thats a tear girl is 4, and for me it's shocking enough that she's on her way to kindergarten-never mind deodarant!!! oh to just hold on longer!
thanks for posting and sharing with us noel. :)

sherry d said...


Your daughter is just beautiful! I have boys, yet even with them once those changes come, it's like "hang on, we're taking off"!! And my younger son wanted to be just like his older brother, too. It soon passed, but not sure if it does with girls!

Steff said...

Oh my gosh...I got tears in my eyes just reading this! I have a 10 yr old boy and know that it's only a matter of time b4 he starts changing. It goes by too fast.

luv2talk said...

Yep. It's not so much that the time is so short, as much as it is once they turn the corner, that something precious is forever gone.

My boys don't climb into bed with me anymore, and while they will still kiss their dear, ol' mom, it's on the forehead, and just not the same. It's more of an obligatory 'peck' than a true expression of their love. (sigh)

My big moment of truth came when I had to go to the store and buy my son a RAZOR. Facial hair! You know it's over when they have facial hair!

Life is a journey. Enjoy each phase. It's all you can do.

joscelyne cutchens said...

I got teary when I read about it on twitter. and that hairdo is so cute too, but waaay too grown. I know I joke with Troy about Jalen having to shave soon. sometimes you just want a pause button.

EmKat said...

Got really choked up just reading that! I have a few years before I reach that point with my two girls, but I can see the same path for us in the not too distant future. God bless you all as you navigate the waters of scary, exciting changes!

Scrappy Girl said...

I have a picture of Manga Dork in the deodorant aisle in Walmart...picking out her very first deodorant...I also have one of her and the first bra!

Tracey Locher said...

Yep!!! It happens soooooo fast... then they leave and you wonder what happened to the past 18 years!!! I'm dealing with our oldest that just moved to Texas and our baby that will be starting Kinergarten in a few weeks... oi!


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