Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my buddy & me

my buddy & me

so i've got that "my buddy" commercial running through my mind right now. if you were a product of the 80's you're pretty likely to know the one i'm talking about. not that it has much to do with anything, i just wanted to pass on one of those songs that can get stuck in your head all day. (you're welcome!) lol.

anyway, yesterday we had a bunch of kiddos over for some more slip & sliding fun. (my sis & her kids and our fabulous friends, the fuentes family). anyway, my nephew aaron is autistic. so he needs a lot of extra tlc. he doesn't talk much (and then usually only when prompted). and that white thing on his ankle is a tracking bracelet for search & rescue to find him if he escapes. aaron is one of those super sweet kids who just cracks you up without saying a word. emma decided she was going to help keep aaron in sight & show him how to use the slip & slide. they were buddied up the entire time the kids were outside. it was so sweet to watch. i wish i'd caught the moment just a second or two before this picture. they were both just standing there with their arms around each other. so so sweet. :)

this afternoon we tried out a new hairdo on emma just for kicks. a few months ago we watched a youtube video on the bumpit. being the handy girls we are, we did a little research on how to do it ourselves. which pretty much just involved a lot of teasing. well, we figured we'd give a little bump a try today just for kicks. and darn if it didn't make her look way too grown up! i, in turn, got my hair done by emma. too bad i didn't get a picture of it... she said, "oooo! it looks like fireworks on your head!" i'll leave it to the imagination! lol.


MAM said...

How sweet! The new hairdo does make her look older but its adorable :)

Kara said...

She looks adorable... if you want a 'real' bumpit, they are at Bed Bath and Beyond. :) Of course, your FREE version looks great though! :)

Sara Ancich said...

I secretly covet the Bump it, but fear for the day it falls out in front of my class full of students.

Jen said...

Man... is this the summer that they grow up over night? I mean, as a child I remember going to school after summer and thinking what happened? Everyone changed in a matter of three months. Makes me look at my little man and wish for time to stand still for a little while... you know?


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