Wednesday, June 10, 2009

why you're glad i'm not YOUR mom

we went to the orthodontist yesterday to have torrey's expander put in. because i'm me, i had my camera in tow. anyway, they were so sweet and explained everything to torrey beforehand with the mold. i took the mold and lifted the top and bottom and told her they were going to expand her mouth that way. she just shook her head. lol. there is just something fun about talking to your kids with their own mouth. i could have brought that mold home with me for hours of fun...

nothing makes you feel pretty like a couple of cotton sticks shoved in your mouth. she was such a good sport having it put in. although there was one minor breakdown when she tried to eat in the evening. after a special trip to the store with daddy to pick up some soft foods, all was well. today was the game of trying to find the words she couldn't say right. so far i think the winners are research, kitty, and weird.

stan's comment on this one... "hey kid, looks like you've got the blues..." lol. i love my husband!

yesterday we tried out this hairdo. i looked at the instructions the night before, and didn't recheck my laptop in the morning. so really we kind of just made up our own deal here. so maybe i'll have to try to do the actual do sometime. :)

as for the rest of these... just more pictures of my lovlies.


Suzanne Earley said...

all of the photos you post of the adorable hairdos you give your girls ALMOST makes me wish I had girls with hair to play with.

but then I come to my senses and am grateful for my 10 year old boys and their buzz cuts...VBG

the thing with the tooth mold does sound like something i'd annoy my boys with, though, i'm sure they'd sympathize with your girls over how much they are embarrassed...

Sara Ancich said...

Beautiful last

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

is there a "best hair braider in the world" medal? if so you should get braiding becomes and olympic sport you are def. winning the GOLD!!!!!
i think i shall move to camanoe island and then bring addie to your house every day to have her hair done ;)
PS i love that "looking blue" comment!

Anonymous said...

love all the pics, but the last pic of torrey is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

luv2talk said...

Yea, I got some pretty "unflattering" pics of Kenny with all his "hardware" in his mouth. (And when they are 15, they don't have any of the 'cuteness factor' they do at 8. (wink)

You (and she) will LOVE her smile later. Everytime I get a glimpse of his perfectly straight teeth, I smile to myself and think, "He will have that smile for the rest of his life." I really is worth every penny and the 2+ years of "torture".

Great pics, as usual!


Anonymous said...

I'm "that Mom" so much, my children just ignore me now when the camera is out!

One of my sons caught a look at that last picture, of Torrey and got all embarassed, he thinks she pretty!!! Let's see: He's 13, a Christian, blonde & freckle faced (which I love), gray eyed, wears glasses even and loves to build things...

Anonymous said...

noel; i'm looking for a post where you placed something like blik onto your walls. i found the post where you added the white one to your living room wall, but didn't you place black ones somewhere as well?
i'm curious and would like to see it again, and the process. i'm really itching to do something similar.
thanks for your time noel. and always sharing such fun stuff with us.
i love your blog!

noel joy said...

hi anna.

here is the link to the other post.

at our old house we had chocolate brown scrollies on the wall. blik has been great to order from. i think liz kartchner has some chocolate brown ones in her kitchen too. there are pics somewhere on her blog of them there, too. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks noel! very inspiring! i'm gonna try something like this and see if it'll work with my silhouette...(it's coming in the mail soon!!!!) thanks again!
p.s. thanks to your review of the silhouette athe the scrap review; i was brave enought to get one now! :)

Susie Jefferson said...

I think the hairdo is phenomenal! A definite big hit! The portrait shot at the bottom is lovely, a real luminous quality and oh, those eyes. This could be in any magazine, any time. I do feel sorry for the daughter with the dental treatment - but she really needs it and WILL thank you later, although I would imagine she is cursing you (and the dentist)now. Will she be in braces for a long time? (Thinking Ugly Betty..)

Having just found your blog from Feathers In My Nest, I'll definitely be back.


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