Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the last full day

the last full day

i'm not exactly sure where this past school year went, but it is now 2 hours of school away from being finished. yowza! i'm pretty sure the reason time is going by so fast has nothing to do with me getting any older... that couldn't be it. lol. but really, it has been a wonderful whirlwind school year at our new school. the staff & parents have just taken us in and made us feel so welcome. the girls love the school & all of their new friends. and i have to say i'm going to miss this year's teachers terribly next year. i had lunch today with the girls and their friends, and watched the end of year awards assembly. so so much fun! i even ran a quick errand for emma's teacher for next year. i ran to get some pictures developed for her last minute, and since she was nice enough to trust me with her camera... i made sure to leave a few little "presents" on it for her to find later! we'll see if she ever trusts me with it again! lol

yesterday i was laid up with a migraine, and only got a couple of pictures. i did get these from laying on the couch just before i turned the expander in torrey's mouth. this little gizmo is fondly called "the key to the castle" at our house. i get to use it to crank the expander each day. i got such a kick out of torrey's expressions. what a goof!

i also snapped these quick pics of a butterfly on our flowers which i thought was a cool find. the bottom one has the butterfly and a bee about to land. what are the chances?

a couple of side notes from today. i made my first hairdo video for a friend that asked. but since emma went to all of the trouble of video taping, and torrey did such a great job as the hair model, i wanted to share it here, too. :)

**one last note, i was the guest designer on
this week. a fun blog run by the very sweet, not to mention talented, jen evans. check out her site if you get a chance!**

hope you're having a fabulous week!


Laurie said...

You are going to have to keep doing these videos for me if I ever have a girl. I don't know how to do girl hair. Oh, where did you get your yellow sweater? Is it the same one that Elizabeth Kartchner has? I have had my eye on it. It is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Noel, Funny you should post this, I just posted a "thumb fingered" Dad attempt at a much simpler hairdo, on my blog. I enjoy your hairdo posts. Of course my 4 year old doesn't' have the patience of your girls...

Anonymous said...

so cute; especially torrey's little smile at the end. i'm gonna try this yet!
thanks noel!

Jackie said...

Ha....I can't believe from a girl that HATED to have her hair combed that she would turn out to be a hair artist also :) Good job videoing Emma and great job sitting still Torrey
Torrey...you are so funny...where did you get them eyes?????
Love the bee landing...good shot

Amy L said...

Hmmm, your mom tells all! Love your photos and the video. Emma caught such a beautiful smile from Torrey at the end!

AndiD said...

Great video! You make it look so simple!

Christine said...

Hi Noel,
Always enjoy your blog--you are busy, creative, fun and very blessed! Was just wondering if you were going to post a pic of the finished chandelier. Would love to see it!

Joy Pearcy said...

Hope you are enjoying summer vacation with the girls!! I love your article on TSR!! Makes me want to go out and buy a new camera!! Take care friend!!

Eileen said...

Great video with a fabulous beautiful ending! Kudos to all involved!

Kelli said...

Ohh that's so cute Noel!! Do you plan on doing more hair videos? How about it if I beg? lol. My girls have super fine hair that curls like crazy, I cant wait til I can do the cute braids on them.


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