Saturday, June 13, 2009

date days & school days

date days & school days

with some of the expander trauma (see the orthodontist post), i decided torrey could use a mommy/daughter date day. so we went out for her first ever pedicure & manicure. it was pretty dang cute. i had my fixed 50mm lens on, so i couldn't get the whole shebang from the chair next door, but i could get this one. :) we hit the scrapbook store, and picked her up some goodies, and had dinner together. i love these kind of days!

our piggies.

my second attempt at this hairdo. i was much more successful this time around. it's amazing how much easier they are the second time around. i'm trying to speedily get this post up since at midnight (in 30'ish minutes) the power to all of camano island is going out. they're building a new bridge onto the island, and have to move the main power lines. so please don't mind my hurried typing. :)

yesterday was a busy day at school. there is so much fun to be had in the last few days. friday was beach day, 1st grade graduation & summer birthdays bash. emma's teacher did a little picnic on the lawn with all of the parents & had a little ceremony where she presented their portfolios of projects from the year.

i just thought this picture was cool. disclaimer: no child was injured in the photographing of this stunt. although this running somersault looks like it would end in permanent neck injury... it surprisingly ended in a wicked cool somersault. lucky for me!

then it was up to torrey's class for the summer birthdays bash. we brought decorate your own cookie goodies to celebrate torrey's summer birthday with her class. oh yah, you could totally smell the sugar rush coming on! :)

when the girls got home from school, stan filled up his john deere trailer with water and drove the girls around the yard. apparently the water was pretty dang cold... but man-o-man they laughed so hard. those are the kinds of memories that last a lifetime. stan's such darn great daddy! :)


Family of Four said...

They are too cute in their matching suits in the back of the tractor! How fun! :)

Camilla Blue said...

Wow! I was 34 and pregnant (and ready to burst) with baby number three before I had my first pedicure. You have a very lucky daughter :) I bet it was an incredibly fun day!


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