Monday, June 1, 2009

i {heart} camping

i {heart} camping

we had the most beautiful weekend, and our warmest days of 2009 so far! yahoo. so we hit the road and went camping. and by hitting the road, i mean driving about 10 miles to camano island state park. being that we don't find out stan's schedule for the weekend (i.e. if he's off work or not) until friday evening... camping close to home makes camping often possible.

anyway, apparently this was a fun filled weekend at the state park. there was this medieval thing going on with guys in armor sword fighting and everything. that was a fun surprise to watch guys beating the snot out of each other with primitive weapons... lol. a lot of the costumes and tents were really amazing, and we felt lucky to have happened upon it.

the girls dug around the beach looking for baby crabs. they also found a beached jelly fish, some funky seaweed, muscles and bunches of clam shells.

my mom & dad brought their new bikes by to ride with the kids & left them for us to enjoy for the rest of the weekend. man are those bikes nice... not to mention the cool factor of the swirly design on my mom's bike.

torrey sporting her bike riding skills.

emma with her beach treasures. a shell, an eagle feather and a weed-flower. :)

stan built the girls a driftwood fort on the beach. gotta love a daddy who can build cool stuff!

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Tina said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

Sara Ancich said...

That drift wood fort would make a super cool backdrop for some black and white photography.

Marfa said...

Camping is great...we're planning on camping in Yellowstone this summer!
Love that photo of the girls and Stan from the back biking down the road.

Latrice said...

Fun fort out there. I think I'm going to plan a camping trip to give to the Hubby for Father's day. Granted baby G comes soon! 3 more weeks to go. Wish me luck hon.

Anonymous said...

Great biking pics but no helmets?

PaperParadise said...

Awesome Fort!

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Tell Emma that to find an Eagle Feather is a great honor in the Native American culture! They are considered sacred among many tribes. :)


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