Monday, June 1, 2009

children's day

children's day

i love the blogging world! thanks to all of you wonderful blog-friends who recently told me when international children's day was. i remembered on my way home from work today, so i swung by the grocery store & dollar store and picked up some celebratory goods. white hamburger buns (because the girls *never* get those - they say), strawberry shortcake fixins, their favorite chips, new regular & chinese jump ropes and leis (just for fun).

the girls got home from school completely unaware. then they saw the goodies on the table and figured something had to be up. so i spilled it. man, who knew that $10 at the dollar store could bring such joy? we ate dinner outside in the sunshine, played chinese jump rope, they kicked my rear at regular jump rope, and put together a make-your-own doll kit that emma had received as a present awhile back. last, but not least, we topped it off with strawberry shortcake. and of course a little extra fun over-filling their mouths with the canned whipped cream. (who says children's day can't be fun for parents too?!) this is the stuff memories are made of... and all on a random monday evening. life is good.


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

very cute Noel!
it is so funny...I see your kids as the girl counterparts of mine. When I see pics of them together it just reminds me of pics I took of my boys at the lake this weekend...I guess it is because they are both family & best friends :)

Jeanne said...

Great post. I didn't know there was a day such as this. I really enjoy reading your posts as you really enjoy your life and it shows. Plus, you have a seriously adorable family.

Thanks for sharing!

Christie said...

Noel that first pic is seriously funny! And I think it will be great blackmail material when they get into their teen years. lol!!! I didn't know about international kids day. How fun is that!?

Julie L. said...

what a great day! I missed the children's' day--but thanks for letting me know about it! WOW..great photos--(and p.s. I LOVE your family photos hanging on your wall...great idea) Such a fun night!

Tina said...

What a cool mom those kiddos have!!!


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