Friday, June 26, 2009

4am, where did you come from?

4am, where did you come from?

i was just down here in my scraproom, scrapping away and looked over at the clock. yipes! 4am! getting the girls up at 6:30am for an early dentist appointment tomorrow is gonna be a caffeine loaded endeavor, i think. :) guess that's the beauty of not needing too much sleep - you get to spend lots of family time and scrapping time.

but i figured i'd get my last couple of pictures up before i hit the hay for a couple of hours. just a couple of shots of the girls on the lawn. they love rolling down the hills. and now as a mom i understand why my mom never really liked it when we did that as kids. thank goodness for stain sticks! lol. but hey, a couple of grass stains aren't worth spoiling the fun of being a kid, right?

well off to bed before that alarm doesn't have to wake me up. lol. i psyched for another camping trip this weekend. oh, and i clocked another few miles on my bike today... not very many, but i did some minor hills. oi! i am really enjoying riding around stan. maybe one of these days we'll get good enough to go on a date ride somewhere. well, we've got aspirations of it anyway. :)

hope you're having a fabulous friday!


Scrappy Girl said...

Thank God for stain sticks and Oxy Clean laundry spray...I couldn't live without it.

Christie said...

There is no way I could survive on only a few hours of sleep. I NEED my beauty rest! lol! Great pics as usual! I left you a bloggy award on my blog!

Angie... by the said...

I've done this way too often...but it's so hard to stop when you're having fun, right? Noel...I've nominated you for a blog award! Congrats! You deserve it so much. Check out my blog post about it and for instructions on how to download...have a great weekend!

Sasha Holloway said...

Beautiful pics ..

Happy 4th

Cassie said...

My daughter is so into rolling down hills all of a sudden. She even mentioned it the other day when house hunting. "that would be a great yard for rolling down the hill". Do I pick a house for it's good hill rolling potential?


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