Friday, April 10, 2009


ok, i know i say this all the time, but i really can't believe how fast my girls are growing. time just seems to be sneaking up and zooming past me like a bargain hunter on black friday. way, way too fast! the girls and i spent a day together roaming the mall and hitting a couple of antique stores for kicks. it really made me miss those carefree days before they were both in school. we just talked and laughed a lot... had lunch, took some pictures. i {heart} spring break!

just last week suzanne posted this comment on the 100k giveaway thread
I collect scrapbooking supplies, dishes (oh how i love dishes!), books and magazines! love your photography. i have a question for do you get your girls to wear all the cute things they do and do they willingly allow you to fix their hair in all those cute styles? do they ever argue with you about not wanting to wear something? (i have a 9 year old, if you couldn't guess!)
i've been asked this before, and figured with MORE matchy-matchy girlie pictures, now was as good a time as any to answer. :) torrey & emma have never really been picky about what they wear. maybe because i always pick it out, and maybe because they like sleeping in and having morning decisions made for them... either way, it's never been a battle. that's not to say that i don't think my years of matchy fun are almost up. torrey is 8 1/2, and apparently 8 1/2 is the age when you start to "grow up." (that's what she's told me, anyway!) at 7 years old, emma really doesn't mind one way or the other. i'm still amazed that they've lasted this long!

besides loving how darn cute it is to have a matching set of sweeties, the girls have worn the same size clothes since emma was 18 months old. apparently she wanted to catch up to her big sister, and then stay that way. they weigh exactly the same amount, are the same height, wear the same size clothes... they are, however, a half a shoe size apart. lol. and they've been that way for almost 6 years! so buying matching clothes was kind of an easy out... you like it once, you like it twice. and darn it, if i just don't love it too. :)

as far as the hair thing, it's been pretty much the same story. they really just don't mind, but emma does especially love it. she's always trying to think of new styles to try... and then i'm trying to figure out how to make them in a way that they'll last through all day kid play. in fact, just this evening while they were doing their american girl dolls' hair, we started doing some online research of hairdos. (we made one trip to libby lu last year, and they're still mourning the store shutting down.) to make a long story longer, we were trying to see if we could find some fun do's online when i stumbled across the holy grail of little girl hairdo sites! a mom with four little girls, and a sweet little adopted boy puts together this seriously AMAZING blog! she's also got adoption info there too. anyway, the girls got really excited about the whole thing, so we've got a trip to sally's beauty supply planned for tomorrow for a new rat tail comb and some more rubberbands.

all that to say suzanne, i have no idea how i got two little girls who don't mind getting daily do's and living in 97% gymboree... but i'm soaking it up for every minute i've got it because these years are gone so fast. (and YES! it totally sounded like a 9 year old! lol!!!)

we snagged these cute little headbands at the forever 21 accessory store this afternoon on our trek.


Abby said...

Your girls look adorable all the time! Great job!

Tina said...

Love those pictures, Noel. They are beautiful!!!

Kari D. said...

Cute as can be! I've always wondered how you managed to get them to be matchy! My four girls ALL have an opinion and their own sense of style. I can rarely get them to match and they are all under 8! What will the teen years be like I wonder! YIKES! They do all love cool hairstyles though and I would love to see that blog you found. Your link doesn't go through to anything. Any chance you could list the name/url? Thanks for the great inspiration on your blog each day! :)

noel joy said...

sorry about the wrong link there! i've got it fixed now. here it is again, though.

(i was missing an "s" the first time!) oops

Sara Ancich said...

where are those dresses from?

Jackie said... are going to cry the first time that they want to be different instead of alike :) they are so growing up fast...what happened to the days when they were little and cuddly :(

noel joy said...

sara, the dresses are from target! :)

noel joy said...

they're still cuddly mom... and for her age, torrey's still little. :) LOL

inara said...

cute pics! I checked out that hairstyle blog, how cool!

Drama queens mum said...

Love the pics & their hair looks great in all of the pics.


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