Thursday, April 9, 2009

the opening act

the opening act

after a few days of nice weather, the flowers came out of their hiding. our flowering trees are budding, and everywhere you go there are bits and bunches of color. yea!!

tuesday we drove up to the daffodil fields which are always the opening act before the tulips come out. there are hundreds and hundreds of acres of daffodils in bloom. they grow them here to propagate the bulbs to sell all over the world, and we're lucky enough to be in the thick of it! we even caught stan on his way home from work, and met stan at the farmers market.

all that to say, we took an evening trip to drive through the farm fields and look at the flowers & get some pictures. i took a few of the girls (not really too many great ones, since the sun was still high enough in the sky to make everyone all squinty)... i must have been particularly speedy since when we finished both of the girls said, "really? we're already done?" lol.

after catching some dinner, the sun was setting and i begged stan to stop by so i could try to grab a couple more pictures with the sky looking so pretty. i wish i'd had my tripod and flash, and the knowledge of how to get a good shot of the sunset sky and well lit subjects. :)

we drove the long way home around the north end of camano, to savor the last few minutes of the sunset... have i mentioned how much i love where we live? :)


Sam said...

wonderful-wonderful-wonderful! Being in Bellingham, I have to agree, we live in an amazing part of the world. Can't wait for the tulip fields to stat bursting with color, too. Great photos and just waiting to be scrapped.

alicia said...

You are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Here in iowa we're still waiting for the flowers to bloom. And the photo ops are few and far between. Love the photos.


Wow those pics are stunning!

Veronica said...

Daffodils and Tulips are my FAVES! Great Shots!!

okanogangirl said...

Beautiful pictures! I miss those early spring flowers, we don't have many of them on the east side of the mountains.

Eric and Joy Pearcy said...

I want to live where you live!! I'm experiencing jealousy:) Beautiful! Great pics and love you!!


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