Sunday, March 1, 2009

when the cat's away...

after a fabulous week in california, we arrived back home on friday night and noticed a few things that were "off" at our house. garbage in the cans, stan's hats were in a different spot, all of the cans in my pantry were backwards, the back blinds were closed... just a few things that were different from when we'd left. well, we didn't think much of it knowing that my mom & dad were stopping by while we were gone, and i figured my sister had turned all of my canned food backwards for fun.

well, we decided to go for a donut sunday after church with a few of our friends, and that's when they handed this special little gift over to us! a little scrapbook they'd made of a party they had at our house while we were gone... complete with a fairytale themed story to go with it! gotta love friends that you know so well, and love so much that they'd go to all of the effort to plan a party at your house while you're away... and SCRAPBOOK it! i heart our friends. thanks guys!

so i figured i'd share a few highlights from their big party without us! i'm shocked that they were all able to keep it quiet until this morning. lol. stan & i told them next time they're all going to have to come with us on vacation. we'll also be plotting a well planned revenge strategy. :)

in the end i went with a picture of torrey for today's p365 pic. it just turned out so pretty i couldn't resist. she's all of a sudden hit that very grown up look it seems. ::sigh::


Stan said...

So isn't it supposed to be my daughter (who is looking so grown up) throwing parties at the house while Noel and I are away? I guess our friends just wanted to break us in for what's to come. Now that's love!! Thanks guys!

Veronica said...

I'm with Stan! Isn't it supposed to be the children throwing the parties while the parent's are away? LOL
It's great to have such a wonderful group of "friends."

Ethan Mashimo said...

too cute!! i would love to see the book the next time you are in the store!!

i am glad you had a great vacation!


Chrispea said...

That is too funny!! Love your pict of the day... she does look pretty. Oh, and guess what? I won the first Scrapreview prize! Woo-hoo, hello kitty!!

sssalad said...

That photo of Torrey took my breath away! I couldn't believe how grown up she looked in it!!! Your girls are so pretty!

ps - hope the party was a good one. ; )

Shelley Haganman said...

THat is so funny! What a fun idea. I have a few friends I should do that too!! I hope you find out what is going on with your heart! Keep us posted! Take care!


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