Friday, March 6, 2009

tgifga - thank goodness i feel good again

{thank goodness i feel good again}

and we're back! after a bout with the 24 (or in my case the 34 hour) flu, everyone is back to healthy in our house. hopefully everyone else can keep from getting the yuckiness. got a picture of torrey when she got home from school today. trying to keep it balance between the two girls gets tough sometimes... especially when one likes having her picture taken more than the other. :) but torrey did pause long enough to snap this little slice of cuteness. the sun has been out the past couple of days, and that always brings out her freckles. i can't believe how many she has now. it'll be fun to see them multiply this summer, too!

emma brought her flat stanley to school today to share with the class. she pointed out on the big map where hawaii was, and then generally played with her flat stanley while her teacher read all about flat stanley's adventures. i think the whole class was hungry when they got to the end of the book. sounds like they've got some great food in hawaii. someday we'll get out there to try it! joscie's done a pretty darn good job of convincing us!

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Veronica said...

That is so cool! TFS the adventure!!
Glad you are feeling better! ;-)


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