Friday, March 27, 2009

the little things

the little things

it started raining this afternoon, and when i looked out my kitchen window this robin was sitting in the rain. i opened my window as quietly as i could, but he flew off. lucky for me, he only flew a few feet over to the top of this little tree. his beak just stood out so much from the green grass. a pretty little picture of spring. {minus the giant haystack look of the pampas grass in the background}

also go another shot of my fantastic husband in his uniform when he got home from work. he's such a good sport about letting me take his picture, and man do i appreciate it. even with the grief i give him about wiggling around more than the kids. :D i appreciate all of his support on all of the little things. sometimes it's those little things that really seem to add up to make life great. and he makes my life great!

just for kicks i figured i'd add one more of the urban shots. such a different feel from out here in the more rural parts. definitely a street to revisit for more pictures, though. the colors are so pretty.


Abby said...

Love that adorable skirt! Where did you get it? If you already posted it, sorry, I missed it.

noel joy said...

thanks abby! it's a pettiskirt. it was made by kaiya eve. you can find them online. :) the girls got them for christmas.


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