Thursday, March 26, 2009

cinderella in the spring

cinderellas in the spring

it's spring outside... or so it says on the calendar. it's still been pretty cold outside, although we did catch a bit of a break today. it was in the mid to upper 40's and the sun was out. woohoo! the girls had their friend emmerson over this afternoon. they ran around in the backyard, dug up some old duck decoys from somewhere in the yard, and threw them in the pond... loads of dirty spring fun.

they played pickle ball for a bit, but the court really slippery with moss and pine needles from all winter... so they decided to play evil queen & the servants instead. one kid bossed the others around while the swept the entire court off. how cool is that? now if i can come up with a way to bottle and sell that game, and i'll be rich!!!

seriously, though... this game is cool. they did a really good job with it. they kept switching off who got to be the servant with the big broom. lol. cracked me up.

i got this picture when i was pegged with the part of evil queen. they all wanted to be servants... what's a mom to do, but play along... poorly pulled off british accent and all! :) they told me i had to return to "yell" at them and punish them for not having their jobs done. hot dog! i did my best, but really it's pretty hard to do without being amused and thankful all at the same time.

little miss torrey holding her broom, taking a break from being cinderella.


Jackie said...

that is just too funny...wonder if you can initiate the evil queen when you want something done????

noel joy said...

something tells me that they wouldn't respond the same... darn it.

Veronica said...

I just LOVE those kind of games! I used to try to make a "game" out of housecleaning all the time. Sometimes even "Racing" to see who was first! It was short-lived. :(
Oh well. Now they are teens. Not a chance now. But you keep on trying! ;-) Love the pic of Torrey!

Tina said...

I love that, Noel. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I love that first picture. The greens really POP!!!


Joanie said...

Beautiful photos! I love all the green. You have such darling girls and inventive! Keep up the hard job of being evil queen ;)

angie worthington said...

great pics!...looks like they had great time!...

elizabeth said...

so cute!!

btw that video below made me miss you! :) you're so cute!


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