Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a spot of tea

a spot of tea

emma and i had a little tea party before torrey woke up this morning. it was the last day of their midwinter break, so torrey was really looking forward to her sleeping in time. emma, on the other hand, wakes up earlier and generally in a better mood. so this morning after some snuggling time, we decided to have a spot of tea. she made chai tea in her little tea set we got her for christmas. i found it this past summer at an antique store, and it's handmade. it was just one of those things that screamed her name when i saw it. :)

some days i really miss those mornings of yesteryear. you know, the ones from before the kids were in school and we had lots of time for these little moments. it seems like there is less and less time for them as the years go on. so i guess you do the only thing you can as a mom... relish each one of these moments when they come because all you've got is that moment to cherish it.

after torrey got up, we ran some errands to pick up a few things we needed for our vacation next week to... disneyland!!!


Veronica said...

I, too, miss those times. They fly by so quickly. My girl will be 16 in a few months.:^O Just WHERE does the time go?
Enjoy yourselves in Disneyland!! Be a kid again!

Chrispea said...

That is a gorgeous tea set. Yep, time flies... a boy called my Emma... A BOY! I'm still in shock! She's not allowed to date... EVER! lol!

You are going to have such fun at Disneyland!!

Anonymous said...

Noel, Have fun at Disneyland! Have you visited any of those tip sites? They have some great tips out there and they really work. Things like where to find the characters, whats the best time to ride what, things like that. Oh & the Silhoutte lady is amazing! Only takes 2 minutes. PM me on CKMB if you need any! Carly (craftiegal)

torrey grace culbertson said...

emma really likes the tea set

Brock Family said...

Noel, thanks for posting this! My DD just started asking to play "tea Party" and some days I feel like I need to be doing 1000 other things besides having a tea party! After reading your post, It made me realize how precious these times are! Great pictures too...btw!

verlos said...

When are you coming next week. The kids and I have passes and I would love to see you again, if you wouldn't mind.


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