Saturday, January 24, 2009

twirly whirly

twirly whirly

the pic of the day was kind of a last minute fluke today. emma wanted to get some pics in her twirly whirly skirt today for the pic of the day. (the girls are really getting into this whole pic of the day thing!) and we got a bunch of fun shots, but then right before she headed to the kitchen to bake a cake in her easy bake oven... she peeked through our fake house plant thingy and i caught this cool shot for 024/365.

and a sampling of some of the pettiskrit pics we'd taken before the funky fake house plant shot. and we found another excellent use for scrapbook products today. we took several paper flowers and put them together with a brad, then took a twist tie.. wrapped it around the back of the brad, and stuck a bobby pin through it. so maybe it's not the most high tech hair do-dad ever, but it looked pretty darn cute! :)

and just a funny shot of emma all shlumped out on the floor in a mass of pettiskirt goodness.


Scrappy Girl said...

What a great shot! Love the pettiskirt ones too!

okanogangirl said...

AWESOME pictures! I also love the watermark you're putting on them!

ARob said...

These are suuuuch cute pics!!! YOur pics of the girls always look so professional!(Good models & good mommy--I think!)

Chrispea said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Tina said...

These pictures are AWESOME. You always have such fun pictures to share with us.


Meredith said...

I too love your photography! Thanks for sharing your blog. I love it. Meredith

Marfa said...

Where did you get that petticoat? So cute!!!


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