Saturday, January 24, 2009

023/365 warm beach

spent the morning out at warm beach camp this morning for a women's retreat planning meeting. i worked at warm beach for 7 years about 10 years ago. now my kids get to go to camp there. it's a place filled with so many memories for me. so i figured while i was out at the meeting and dropping off a disk of pics for them, i'd sneak a quick pic of the front entrance sign for the pic of the day. :)


Amy L said...

I think this is an exceptionally creative shot! Loving your daily photos!

okanogangirl said...

hee hee -- thanks!!!

Love the angle.

Camilla Blue said...

good photo. good memories. happy place :)

Deanna said...

Ah...Warm Beach. What a wonderful place! My husband was saved there at 16; we met and fell in love while counseling together one summer; and that's where he first started feeling a call to full-time ministry in camping (he's now a program director at another camp here in WA). Love to share wonderful WB memories with others!


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