Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the sock dance

the sock dance


torrey's class earned a sock dance at school today. what is a sock dance, you ask. well, when a class has perfect attendance 17 times (consequently the same number of letters in "perfect attendance") their class gets to do the sock dance. still you say, what is a sock dance? well, they have a giant bag of funky socks that the kids put on their hands and dance around like a bunch of crazies to the preselected sock dance song.

i thought this was such a fun thing when my girls told me about it at the beginning of the year. however, they seemed to have a hard time telling me when their class earned the sock dance. (you know i was dying for a pic of this!) anyway, i decided to go above their heads, and ask the teacher to let me know when they earned it. lo & behold, it worked. got the note yesterday, and the pic today! :) although i could totally kick myself for having my iso set wrong on my camera. so very few of the pics turned out well... or even ok'ish. so guess i'll have to get more on the next go-round.


Veronica said...

How funny!! My kids get a "jean" day when they have 95% or more perfect attendance in one quarter! It happens a lot!
Hope you get the next one!

torrey & emma said...

wow mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from: Torrey

I love my family!!!!!!!


Stan said...

What a bunch of funny looking kids with socks on their hands :) Very cool to earn such a reward :)

torrey said...

next time we do it you should dance too and we are trying to beat the record 3 sock dances


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