Saturday, December 20, 2008

snow days

snow days

washington state has been socked in with snow for a bit (well, at least according to our standards). our family has been more than thrilled with the weather. lots of sledding, playing and hot chocolate sipping has been happening here.

this being our first winter in our new house, i ran across the yard a couple of days ago with a plastic bag over my camera to get some pics of the house in the snow. and let me just say again how blessed i feel to live here! wow!

sunrise from our porch this morning.

we even have icicles! they are out the living room window glowing the LED blue'ish-white of the christmas lights. i grabbed my tripod and camera remote and got these two shots tonight as it was snowing again.


Veronica said...

Those are beautiful Noel! I'm sure the first few days of snow are great, but then..... Stay safe and enjoy all your "Photo Ops!"

Chrispea said...

Gorgeous!! I saw your other shots in your album, spectacular. All of our snow melted. :( Have fun in your "winter wonderland"!

Kay said...

Oh those shots are B-E-A-utiful!!! You should send them in to the local news station. I know down here they are always asking people to send in their best shots. I seem to feel a mini album coming from all these winter shots! ;)

Jackie said...

Oh like the icicles and how you got the light to show them off

noel joy said...

the icicles are lit by the christmas lights on our roof. it gives them the neatest blue'ish glow at night.

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos!!

Such a difference to our hot Summer days here in Australia.

Terri said...

oh so beautiful.... i need to find some icicles and take a walk tomorrow for pictures.... tj from Kirkland WA

Patti said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!

You've been nominated!!
Check out my blog:)

Merry Christmas!!


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