Saturday, December 20, 2008

simiple teacher gifts

simple teacher gifts

well, with our snow stormy weather, the girls' teachers won't be getting their christmas gifts until new years. with our crazy weather and school cancellations, we started christmas break 3 days earlier than planned! anyhow, these are the gifts their teachers will be receiving. this first one is a fun filebox from target, that emma and i altered a bit to customize and jazz it up a bit.

we added the flowers with a rhinestone brad... then added the prima rhinestone flourishes. the top damask is an flocked iron on design by sei. we tried to make it nice and sturdy for use in a first grade class.

the stocking is what torrey and i made for her teacher. we took a piece of large art paper, and traced our stockings and stamped the damask design in blue (we made two for the front and back of the stocking). next we sewed the two pieces together to make the stocking.

for the top: we took fabric, lined it with fusable cotton batting, finished the edges and sewed it onto the paper stocking. to keep it simiple, we simply cut out the tag with the big shot, stamped it and added the letters. we attached it to the fabric with spray adhesive.

we used diamond stickles to add a little sparkle to the stamped damask on the stocking. since she was in need of some teaching supplies, we stuffed the stocking full of teachers goodies!

sorry for the crummy pictures. that's what happens when you have lots of snowy days, not much light, and a TON of snow playing. :D


Kristin said...

Thanks for the ideas! I have yet to start making gifts, hopefully I will get a jump start tonight! Happy Holidays!

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Boy do I know the feeling, except we were just a day early and for ice! I have 24 coworkers gifts all ready ....Love the girl's gifts, as will their teachers! Now if we could just keep electricity... Merry Christmas to you and your family!

torrey grace culbertson said...

you did so good on the stoking for mrs. musgrave


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