Monday, December 1, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

it's beginning to look a lot like

since i was a little girl, the day after thanksgiving always meant putting up the christmas tree and getting ready for christmas. as a kid it meant cutting down the biggest tree we could find, bringing it home, then watching my dad try to figure out how in the world to fit a fourteen foot christmas tree into a stand that was never made to accomodate a fourteen foot christmas tree. it often involved wiring the tree to several walls, and a lot of laughter.

now that i'm all grown up (and lucky for me i'm married to mr. christmas!) we start decking the house out as soon as the thanksgiving dishes are in the dishwasher. although we used a fake tree for the second time in my life this year, we found it barely fit into it's designated spot in the new house. hence, the oddly placed star zip-tied to the top the tree (below). the girls get such a kick out of putting their handmade ornaments from over the years up on the tree... not to mention the handmade ornaments i made as a kid. there's always so many memories tied up in hanging each ornament on the tree.

i picked up some really pretty glass ornaments and hung them from my dining room ceiling over my table. to hang them i raided stan's tackle box. (he says he doesn't own any craft supplies! ha!) then hung them with clear tacks. after i assured stan that the holes wouldn't be THAT noticable. hopefully after christmas i'm not in big trouble. hee hee.

the fireplace mantle ended up as a garland magnet. we stacked three different types of garland on top of each other. the little lamps we bought the first year we were married. so they were a fun addition to the garland mountain. the stockings are my personal attempt at making knock of pottery barn items. my mom has an embriodery machine, so i used that and sewed the stockings myself several years back. i'm pretty sure this is the most complicated sewing project i had done since jr high home economics.

at night the front door is surrounded by lighted garland. but this is the day time view. the welcome is an uppercase living wall sticky, and the big bow above the door i made myself.

this is me sneaking a picture of stan reading in our christmas wonderland of a living room. as soon as we have a night that's not too foggy, i'll try to get some pics of the outside of the house all aglow.


Carol said...

Hi Noel, I often visit your blog. Just wanted to leave a comment to say I think your house looks wonderful with all the decorations.

Sara Ancich said...

Its absolutely beautiful! I love the front inviting. I have been swept up in a decorating frenzy myself lately...LOVE this time of year. Cheers.

Sarah E. said...

Everything looks so beautiful! :)

angie worthington said...

looks alot like christmas! is all beautiful!...i know you guys are having an awesome time decorating in the new house! what you did with your front door!...

Veronica said...

Looks FAB! I can't wait to get my house all "Christmasy" now! ;)

AJ said...

Gorgeous!!! I'm NOT married to Mr. Christmas, LOL. Whatever Christmas decorating is going to happen over here is going to be handled by me. So it hasn't happened yet! I'm 2 days behind on Advent stuff at this point.

I love the lighted Garland in the living room. And all your family decorating the tree. The ribbon above the door (I may steal that one!) And the ornaments from the ceiling! That was a wonderful idea. I have lots of extra ornaments and plenty of clear thumb tacks. Hmmmm, LOL!

Seriously beautiful. I'm sure you and your family will enjoy it throughout the Christmas season!

PattiM said...

Love your decorations, Noel... I'm stealing the ornaments hanging from the ceiling, love that... We won't be decorating outside this year except for the Christmas lights we have up. Our boxer and her sister love to eat anything thats at their level. Which can be pretty high up when their standing. LOL We got a new artificial tree this year, our old one is still in great condition but its too big around for our house right now. When our grandkids get here from visiting family, they'll decorate the tree and hang the stockings. I so want to see your stockings but my internet is kinda wonkey and won't show that picture, so I'll be back later today to check them out...


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

Elizabeth said...'s so pretty!! Makes me wonder if I can hang ornaments from my ceiling. :)

Patti said...

Gorgeous decorating girl!! :)

Amy said...

Lovely decorations Noel! And I loved your Thanksgiving table too! The photos looked right out of a magazine! I had to laugh when you called Stan Mr. Christmas (we DO NOT have one at our house!!) but I thought rearrange a few letters and add another A and you have your own Santa!! =)

Anonymous said...

your home looks lovely!

noel joy said...

lol. we call stan... STANta during the holidays. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel,

Just wanted to say your house looks so beautiful and the piccie of your husband...the whole scene looks magical.


lizzy kartchner said...

beautiful noel!!


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