Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

i hope everyone is enjoying (at least stateside) thanksgiving day. i thought before the rush of everyone arriving, i thought i'd take a couple of minutes to post some pics of our table this year.

the little envelopes were made with my big shot. to keep it easy, the little felt snowflakes were straight out of the package. **i found the instructions for folding the napkins here on bhg's site.**

the pumpkins are paper mache from michaels. i brushed some glue, and covered them in glitter.

the girls added some "fortune tellers" they folded up to each of the kids' spots on the table.

happy turkey day!


Sarah E. said...

I swear you make us all look like underachievers...Your table is absolutely beautiful! :) I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so glad that Stan is home to celebrate this year! :)

Marfa said...

Lovely...why snowflakes? Did you have snow there? We're anxiously waiting for more here!!!

angie worthington said...

i agree with sarah!..your table looks beautiful...well, i am stuffed & happy!!!...had a wonderful meal today!...hope you & your family are having a fabulous Thanksgiving!...

Chrispea said...

Cute table. Happy Thanksgiving.

PattiM said...

Love your table... How'd you do the napkins?? Cute pumpkins too. Looks so much better with the glitter.... I haven't set a table like that in years. Probably because I don't have the space, oh and I'm lazy... LOL Hope you and yours had a great thanksgiving day!!!!
DH cooked our turkey on the BBQ and it was yummolicious!! We all stuffed ourselves and sat around visiting outside by the fire. Then some of us played guitar hero. It was so quite with DD, her BF and the GK's gone backeast. But, it was kinda nice to visit with just adults for a change. And go figure, I forgot to take pictures with the cooking, visiting and suffering from hurting my back with all the shampooing of furniture I did. Didn't even put the camera on the table for anyone else to use... DOH!!! (Am I still considered a scrapper?? LOL) I did take after pic's for an idea I have.... Now, thats a scrapper!!!!!!


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

noel joy said...

hey martha. :)
the snowflakes were a last minute deal... it was one of those: hey, i've got that envelope die for my big shot... wonder what i can stick into them here 15 minutes before people get here. i've got it! snowflakes! they match. lol

Brock Family said...

I LOVE your Thanksgiving table! Its gorgeous. Thanks for posting pictures of it!

Dana said...

Love the colors. BUT where do you find the time? Seriously.

Amber said...

Love the folded napkins! So elegant and classy. Your table looked beautiful. Any special plans for your table at Christmas?

inara said...

wow! Your table was absolutely stunning! It seriously looks like a magazine layout!


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