Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy birthday stan

33 things i love about stan
{{happy birthday stan!}}

1. he is seriously one smokin' hot guy
2. he laughs after almost every sentence he utters
3. he's an amazing dad
4. he treats his girls like queens
5. he is generous with all of his gifts (he'll fix a car or clean a windshield or paint a table at the drop of a hat for anyone!)
6. he wears a flight suit, and who doesn't love a guy in uniform
7. he serves his country
8. he is a godly man
9. he puts up with my constant and relentless practical jokes (sorry about how you lost that water fight in the kitchen the other night, babe!)
10. he takes time to go on special dates with our girls

11. he makes the best steak on the planet
12. he loves the outdoors & camping with our family
13. he always does his best no matter what it is he's doing or who is watching
14. everything he does he make it look easy
15. he makes wise decisions
16. he is fun to work with on projects
17. he plays drums and guitar at church
18. he flies airplanes
19. he calls us almost every single day when he's gone on deployments
20. he gives the girls rides to the bus in the trailer of his john deere

21. he poses for goofy pictures and actually has fun (most of the time)
22. he lets the girls call him "BALD" the builder and BALDIE-locks
23. he was right there by my side with tears in his eyes when both of our girls were born
24. he'll admit when he's wrong (not that it happens very often)
25. he lives to be a family man, and isn't afraid to tell anyone that
26. he loves a good beer, but never has too many
27. he is so cute when he reads with our girls
28. he makes yummy breakfasts on saturday mornings
29. he wears his #1 dad shirt with painted hand prints with pride
30. he is spontaneous

31. he has a cute smile
32. he is a great provider and encourager
33. he has made me the luckiest woman in the world



PattiM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to Noel's mister, mister.. Hope you have a great day....


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

angie worthington said...

happy birthday stan!!!...hopeit is a great one!...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN!!! Seriously, that last picture is SO cute Noel. You can just tell that all three of you gals just love him to pieces. You are one lucky woman, but he sure is one lucky man to have you and your two beautiful daughters in his life. Hope you have a great day!

Stan said...

Boy! He sure sounds like one great guy...oh, your talking about me!? No shouldn't have...tell me more! Thanks baby, flattery will get you everywhere.

joscelyne cutchens said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you, Stan the man! :) I hope your day is wonderful and you are spending it with your ladies... :)

Julie L. said...

what a great birthday gift to your hubby! I love your DH's 35 birthday was just a couple weeks ago--and I'd love to make a list like this--gotta do it for our wedding anniversary coming up--thanks for inspiring!

Jackie said...

How sappy is that???

Gretchen said...



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