Wednesday, January 9, 2008

layout a day
(day 9)

i have a fabulous friend that i scrap via webcam with quite often and she has a saying that i just love... "they can't all be gems." lol! that's kind of how i feel about this layout. i crashed today... i finally hit an emotional/sleep deprived wall, and had to get some extra sleep. so i took a nap for a few hours this afternoon and am currently nursing a bit of a headache. so this page is of some pictures i loved, where the lighting isn't great, and it's hard to see the garbage can on my dd's head (in one of the pics she's winking too)... but this was the best that was going to come out today.

so here's to the scrapbook pages that can't be gems... you are loved, too! :wink: (thanks annie!)

oh and on a side note... the shirt my dd is wearing is a shirt that my grandma painted for me years ago that says, "noel joy." just a random fun fact. :)

tfl! :)

patterned paper: Dana Zarling,, Urban Grunge Kit 2; ledger brushes: Katie Pertiet,; fonts: Impact, Century Gothic & German Underground


Kelli said...

Hope you start feeling better soon Noel!

Although you say your layout isn't a gem, it's not too shabby either.

Jackie said...

You can see the winkin :) Very the head gear

Ljonezy said...

Nice hat LOL. The trash can on her head is so funny. My kids used to do that when they were young - it was a great helmet. Hope you feel better soon.

Kari said...

I'm never less than completely impressed with all of your hard work and spectacular LOs!! You are a true talent and genuine beauty to boot ;) It's always so fun to chat with you ... and what's this scrapping via webcam? You're making me think I need one ....

Liv said...

i see the trashcan real well and i see the winking... must be my new 20-15 eyes, huh? come on, join the blind-no-more club!!! ;P

my son has a photo wearing a grocery bag, with his arms through the sides that you use to carry. must dig that up one of these days. garbage girl can meet bag boy. LOL

oh... and maybe you've been barking up the wrong webcam tree... it's kari's tree you've been wanting! LOL


Kay (ckmb kaydrenth) said...

LOL I don't know why you don't think this one is a gem! I love it! Totally gave me a giggle and made me thing of my childhood when I used to do the same thing! Isn't that that what it's all about anyway?

Stan said...

...and you give me a hard time for saying getting a B+ is nothing more than a failure to get an A. Baby, you and your "shtuff" are a gem any day of the week...and as for the subject matter, well is perfect overstating it?

Laurie said...

AHHH she finally needs sleep!! LOL! I think you did an awesome job on this LO! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Linda said...

Feel better, girl. You need to get *regular* sleep not to crash, you know.

The LO is great. Don't know what you're talking about. ;p


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