Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Wonderland

we've had a couple of days of snow here and there... nothing compared to what we had last year. this is a layout i did awhile back of my oldest enjoying the snow last year. and here's to hoping the snow holds off until christmas break!!! :)

Supplies: Papers, diamond & love brush: Sweet Pea kit by Rhonna Farrer,; Snowflake brush: Lori Cook,; Font: Occidental, downloaded from web; layout idea scraplifted from sample by Rhonna Farrer


Jackie said...

What a cutie :)

Jackie said... comes I can't combine papers like that???????

Samantha said...

I love it, Noel! Torrey is such a cutie, as is Emma. I love the variety of papers you used on this LO. I wish I could be that creative!!

I'm so looking forward to next Monday!! I *need* more stamps!!

Stan said...

can anyone say, "igloo"?

sssalad said...

I absolutely LOVE the colors in this LO! I also love that adorable picture of your DD!


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