Thursday, December 13, 2007

i've been tagged
(ok, i've been tagged several times -
i'm just now getting to it!)

i was tagged by liz (and a bunch of others along the way... sorry this is the first i've gotten to it!) here goes... seven random things about myself...

7. i cannot leave my house without doing my girls' hair... HOWEVER my house can otherwise be an absolute disaster and it doesn't bother me one bit!

6. i am a high ropes/challenge course facilitator.

5. when i was pregnant with my girls i ate spaghetti 4 days a week (at least)!!! i never got tired of it... and love it to this day!

4. in my car i almost always listen to news or talk radio.

3. i've never been skiing or snowboarding.

2. there is currently only 6 square inches of uncovered space on the 22 feet of tables in my scraproom. :)

1. when my dh is deployed my dad comes over on his days off & we watch movies until 3 or 4 am.


elizabeth said...

Cute Noel!!! Some of them I knew and some are new to me!!

Come to Utah and I'll take you skiing!! Supposably it's the best snow on earth!:)

LOVE the layout!! You guys are such a cute couple!!

Samantha said...

It was great to read your seven random facts! I was recently tagged by Joscie, so I should get on that soon. That's so sweet that you dad comes over and watches movies with you :)

Stan said...

What!? Six square inches of uncovered space. Hey, use it or lose it!

Allison Davis said...

That is so sweet that your dad comes over and hangs out with you! Makes me miss my dad! :)

Love the layout! That picture is so cute and you look absolutely beautiful! Whoops...didn't mean to leave the hubby out. Stan looks beautiful too! :)

Kelli said...

Ropes course huh....I facilitated a ropes course in Montana for a summer, it was wicked fun...we had a telephone pole that we lovingly dubbed "the pamper pole" for horrible I hated that thing, they made us climb to the top and then leap for a trapese that was dangling a few feet away. Lets just say I opted for just falling off rather than leaping to my doom....

sssalad said...

That was fun reading your comments! Your lucky you have such a close-knit family and they live nearby! Makes me very jealous!


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