Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Binge & Purge


Have you ever been here??? I'm actually in my scrap room, kneeling on the floor because my chair is in the hallway... I am feeling quite proud of myself at the moment, since there is actually room to move my chair back into my scrap room (that is, if it weren't filled with "stuff")! Yes, I am purging. It is time... the time that comes when my room is so full I cannot roll my chair without rolling over "schtuff"... Now in all fairness this "schtuff" isn't all scrap stuff. My room seems to be the catch-all room. The room where if my husband doesn't know where to put it, then it clearly it belongs in the scrap room!!! LOL!

So today I have purged school papers, newspapers, junk mail, stuffed animals with holes in them waiting to be repaired, empty boxes, packing peanuts, old cards, magazines... oh yes, and some scrap stuff. :)

I probably should go through everything at least 10 more times to purge all that really should be purged... but I'm pretty sure that as I sit here typing this out... my gumption is leaving my body... So I will donate the small box I have purged to the elementary school my daughters attend, and pile some "schtuff" in the garage as a special gift to my hubby... and call it quits for the day.


After all of this hard work purging...
I feel a binge coming on!


Lisa said...

Nice job... your studio looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us and for the gentle reminder that we all should be thinking about some fall cleaning! "sapperwifelisa"

joscelyne cutchens said...

I feel ya girl... Plus we can shop more in seattle!

jodie said...

Good Job!! I'm in the process of doing this too! It kinda hard though...at least harder than I thought it would be!!

Aunt Bree said...

Great job with the purge! Looks great.

Samantha said...

Great job, Noel! I've never purged before! Perhaps that's why I have so much stuff. DH tells me the other day (of my supplies in the basement), "You really need to go though this stuff and see if you really need it!" He's usually so laid back, but I guess I've collected a wee-bit more than I have used!!

Thanks for the inspiration to purge!!

Julie Smith said...

Oh, that looks like fun! I have a package or two of those MM scrabble letters that I haven't used either. I'm just waiting for the right photo, I guess!

Go binge!

Laura said...

I can totally relate! I need to be doing that! I have such a hard time...I want to keep everything...but I know I can't possibly use it all....I need to binge and purge, binge and purge, binge and purge!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Noel. I love and covet your Expedit shelves. Are you entering the CKMB organizing contest?


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