Friday, January 18, 2013

in a fog

It was a chilly January day here with freezing fog. The freezing fog left each little blade of grass, leaf and branch coated in white. It was a spectacular morning through the mist. By the time I got my camera out, I'd missed the magic moments of frozen silhouettes across the horizon. However, Torrey and I stopped by an abandoned grocery store in town to snap a few pictures. I stop by here from time to time because I love the color of the painted cement, and the memories of coming down to this store when it was the only one in town. 

I often feel like all of life is a bit of a fog these days. (I've read - and experienced - that this is all a part of the grief process.) But today it was a reminder to see the beauty in the fog, that even when it's hard to see ahead or behind there is beauty and a peace in the moments in the fog. 






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Anonymous said...

SO cool :)))


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