Monday, January 14, 2013


Can you tell I can't quite get enough of my husband being home? I suppose it's pretty obvious. Anyhow, he humored me by letting me snap a few more pictures after coming home from work today. After a few minutes he started getting a little silly, hence photo number two... and the giggling started in photo number three. But I'll take what I can get. Having him home is the best gift of all. 

I got a little scrapbooking done today. Keep an eye out for layouts with the all new Glitz Designs releases on January 21. In addition to that, I'll have a new Punky Sprouts mini album up on my blog on January 23. 





Walking out to fetch the mail this morning, this frost covered leaf caught my eye. I ran in the house to grab my camera, then proceeded to lay on the cold gravel to see if I could catch a glimmer of its magnificence. It was far more spectacular in real life, but this was the best I could do before I had to rush in and spend some quality time in front of our wood stove.



"It was one of those chilly and empty afternoons in early winter, when the daylight is silver rather than gold and pewter rather than silver."
-G.K. Chesterton

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Ramie A said...

Congrats on having your hubby home! The patch on his flight suit looks familiar....we were with VQ-2 from 1997-2000 and my husband has flown with VP-1 and another squadron that I can't recall over the last 10 years. Hope that he gets to stay home for awhile!


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