Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unexpected Adventures

Ah, Valentine's Day! A day to celebrate all of the rich beauty of love in our lives. My life is filled with more love than I deserve,on every level, from Creator, to family, to friends and to the everyday nuances of life. I love how Valentine's Day gives us an excuse to remember to express that love to those around us.

Aside from receiving and spreading the love this Valentine's Day, our day was filled with a few completely unexpected adventures. The day started out normal enough getting ready for school. The girls wanted Valentine hairdos. Hearts were of course, in order. I started with Emma. She, being only a couple of inches shorter than me now, was kneeling down so I could reach the top of her head. With only a couple of loops around with the rubber band left Emma asked for a granola bar because she was nauseous. I didn't think much of it, as she's almost always hungry (growing girl). As I was pulling the very last loop, she dropped to the floor... out cold. It was terrifying. I sat there holding her and saying her name again and again until she came to. After some juice, a granola bar and a few minutes laying down she was back to normal albeit a little pale. Apparently five minutes is too long to be kneeling on the floor for my sweet girl, and from now on we'll be bringing a chair in for any extended hairdos. Poor baby.

By the time we headed to school she was feeling fine. I gave her teacher a heads up about the morning's events and let her know I'd be at the dentist with my cell if anything came up. No news was good news, and I got my teeth cleaned without a phone call. (Yes, teeth cleaning = Happy Valentine's Day to me... sigh.) I picked up the girls from school, drove half a block and got our next surprise. The clunking sound of a flat tire. I called roadside assistance for some much needed assistance, and settled in for the hour long wait. However, long before roadside arrived assistance did. A nice man and his wife stopped to see if we needed help. He graciously put on the spare tire, and his wife even brought sodas over for the girls. What a beautiful display of kindness on a day dedicated to love. I bought myself a brand new Valentine tire for Stan's car and headed home.

We jetted home hoping to catch the tail end of a beautiful sunset for a halfway decent picture of the day. We headed over the hill to the closest beach on the west side of the Island for the last glimmers of light in the sky. Against the backdrop of a Divinely painted sky, the girls put a little love on display to send to Daddy.


a crummy picture of the faint-inducing hairdo

a crummy picture of the fully conscience hairdo

the aforementioned flat tire

Now for the rest of the pictures from the past few days.

Thank you Pinterest for another fun photo idea.

Emma in the new handmade dress we found on sale in this Etsy shop.
(The same shop where we found the white lace dress Torrey was wearing in the this post.)




One last set of pictures of my green eyed girl in the grass.




Chesterton Quote of the Day

"If individuals have any hope of protecting their freedom, they must protect their family life."
-GK. Chesterton, The Well and the Shallows


joscelyne cutchens said...

scary stuff! I'm glad it wasn't anything really bad, poor emma! Your girls are looking beautiful, as always.I love that picture of Emma with the small smile :) and torrey looking through the grass. :)

camilla said...

SO thankful that E is okay. How scary. I would have freaked out!! Eric would have remained calmed. And the tire... aagh! When it rains... But what a fun blessing, to have a nice couple stop and help.

And I LOVE the pink boots and the photo is great too. :)

Heidi said...

The sunset and hearts took my breath away!


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