Monday, January 2, 2012

Project 365+1

With Stan off on another deployment, I thought I'd try my hand at another year of Project 365 (+1 with leap year this year). I hit a road block last year about half way through and just couldn't manage to finish out the year, though I made it through the previous two years. With the girls growing like weeds (Emma's grown an inch in the past two months, and they're both only two inches shorter than me now) I wanted to be sure to keep Stan updated on the daily life of his little ladies.

Welcome 2012




I read this quote the other night while reading my latest Chesterton book, The Defense of Sanity, and it reminded me so much of my daily battle with tidiness, I thought my husband may enjoy this little epigraph of me.

"Perhaps it would be the exaggeration of eulogy to call me a tidy person. But I can always pretty satisfactorily account for all my possessions."
-G.K. Chestertson


camilla said...

Glad you're doing Project 365 again. I look forward to your photos.
The quote makes me laugh. I've become much more like you since my kids came along.

Veronica said...

Hugs and Prayers to you and your girls while Stan is away. I thank you for sharing him and letting him protect us and I thank him for his Pride and Courage in doing so!
can't wait to see your pics. I fizzled out last time also so I am looking forward to just keeping it simple this time and NOT be perfect in getting a picture! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so beautiful...everytime I get an email from Paper Passion and Pixel Media" I can't wait to open it. I have always loved photography and paper so my passion for both photography and scrapbooking have been a real blessing in my life since my car accident a few years ago. Looking at composition of every single of your photos teach me a lot and I try to apply it to my photographs. But I was wondering what kind of camera you have. I read a NIKON but what is the it just digital or do you still use 35mm sometimes? Anyways, thanks for sharing your talent and your projects, everything is beautiful.

noel joy said...

Thank you so much for your kindness. I have two Nikons, a D300 and a D90. The past few 365 shots were taken with the D300. They're both digital, I haven't used film in many years now as I gave my old Minolta to my grandma, who gets a lot of use from it.

Katrina Kennedy said...

What a beautiful way to document the world for your husband. What a treasure you are creating.


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