Thursday, September 1, 2011

Killing Time

School started in our district today, however the girls are going to a private school this year, and thus have a few more days before school starts.  After practicing their morning routine for the start of school, doing some chores and then reading we were poking around on Pinterest looking for some hairdo ideas. Emma decided she wanted to try this one out. 

We modified it a little to make it kid-friendly (i.e. to make it last all day through kid play). All in all not a terrible way to kill some time on a Thursday afternoon.







Veronica said...

I am just in "AWE" of your Hair Talent! I can barely do a ponytail! LOL I just cannot manipulate my fingers!!
Can't believe how GROWN the girls are now. Simply GORGEOUS!!!

Timeless Creations said...

Awww she is adorable!! Very cute and kid friendly!

Web Visible said...

As I suppose this is not an easy task to get this hairstyle..It's seems to be tough but one should atleast try for it...

Luv2talk said...

Will you be my mom? Do these girls realize how lucky they are to have a personal stylist in house? LOL

Way to ROCK IT, Noel!

And Emma...Way to ROCK IT with style!


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