Friday, March 4, 2011

Ups & Downs

In my third year of Project 365 (taking a picture a day, everyday, for a year), I was inspired to find a quote to go along each picture of the day. It's been a thought provoking, and often motivating, journey. With the first two months of 2011 photographed and quoted, I figured it was high time I put a few of these thoughts to paper with the wonderful Glitz Designs.

In our Pain

In our Pain {detail}

In our Pain {detail}

In our Pain {detail}
Glitz Design "Scarlett" Papers: Floral and Polka
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Journaling cardstock stickers
Glitz Design "Hoopla" What Nots
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Peek-a-Boo
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Peek-a-Boo

The Little Things

The Little Things {detail}

The Little Things {detail}

The Little Things {detail}
Glitz Design "Scarlett" Paper: Polka
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Papers: Polka, Zebra, Frames, Cake and Pipework
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Journaling cardstock stickers
Glitz Design "Scarlett" Glitzer stickers
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Aqua Block

What are some of your favorite quotes? Jot a few down and memorialize them, along with a few of your favorite photos, on a scrapbook page this month. If you're interested in the sketch versions of these two layouts, you can access them here and here.


Michele said...

Love your work!! The first layout... That green with the black and white... PHENOMENAL!!! Very pretty and Very striking!!!!

Lea L. said...

Gorgeous layouts, Noel! Love how you are using the quotes on these!!


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