Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey, Pie & Thankfulness

November always brings a time to reflect on just how very thankful I am for all of the bits and blessings that fill my daily life. Our family, our home and having my husband home rather than overseas this year.  With so many moments to treasure each day, don't forget to count your blessings and count them often!

love & marriage

love & marriage {detail}

love & enjoy life {detail}

love & marriage {detail}
Love & Marriage
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Papers: Stripe, Damask
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Paper: Pipework
Glitz Design "Scarlett" Paper: Bouquet
Glitz Design "Distressed Couture" Paper: Blocks
Glitz Design"Love Nest" What Nots
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Black Round

thanksgiving table

thanksgiving table {detail}

thanksgiving table {detail}

thanksgiving table {detail}
Thanksgiving Table
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Papers: Block, Damask
Glitz Design "Hoopla" Papers: Polka, Frames, Cake
Glitz Design "Love Nest" What Nots
Glitz Design "Love Nest" Titles cardstock stickers
Glitz Design Clear Stamps: Scarlett, Save the Date
Glitz Design Teeny Alpha Ivory Block


charli said...

omg! love the page with the silhouettes--fab!!

Kari said...

Your table was BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous. I don't have a crafty bone in my body. I'll have to hire you next year! ;)


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