Monday, August 16, 2010

catching up & counting blessings

so after being behind on getting my 365 shots posted for more than a month... i've got them all caught up. i'm going to do my best to get these up without being too painfully long in the explanation of each. please bear with me as i start the catch up process today!





looking back at these pictures and reflecting on our daily life of the past couple of months. i am so thankful for the blessing of having our family back together, and the blessing of simply living daily life together. lucky us!



i'm not sure how it happened, but somehow my sweet torrey turned 10 in july. i remember being pregnant with her, and people telling me to cherish each moment because it goes by so quickly. it is all true. although i try to cherish each moment, even so, it has flown by so much faster than i could have imagined. but each and every moment, day, week and year has brought a new and deeper love for this precious little girl.



my sweet girls on the 4th of july getting to celebrate our nation's birthday with their daddy. we are deeply blessed!


camilla said...

Can't believe Torrey is TEN! Seems like just last year I got to go with you two to the ranch. I remember Torrey crying one night and ending up in bed with me (I think I was trying to let you get some needed sleep) and thinking, "I don't know how Noel does this!" I understand a lot of things better now. You tolerated a lot of ignorance from me, dear friend. :) I still don't know how you've done the stretches with Stan deployed...

Luv2talk said...

DId someone get a PUPPY? LOL

The ice cream cupcake cones are too cool. Love the way you swirled the frosting on top. :)

Happy Birthday to TORREY. Steven just turned 17 (and he's my baby! YIKES!)

Glad to hear all is well.


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