Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lord, help the mister...


2005_06010_175 copy

i know i say all of the time... where did the time go? but, man-o-man... where did the time go? i just took the top picture a few days ago, and it reminded me so much of this earlier picture of the girls. maybe it's their cheeks all squished together in that sweet sisterly love. maybe it's their snuggly smiling faces. maybe it's just me... but it feels like yesterday... but in fact, almost five years to the day separate these two precious pictures.

it must be sort of what it feels like to be stan. i know it's only been 7 months since he took off on deployment, but it seems like they just grow up that fast. i've been thinking a lot lately about all of the things that have changed since he left, and trying to imagine what it must be like to take that all in. the girls and i have our trials living without our big brawny man, but everything else around us stays stable. stan lives half a world away, in a tent, with skype and airplanes as his company. he is a very strong hearted man.

just a little something i've been thinking about as we are so close to his homecoming, and the transition back into "normal" family life... the normal'ish part being that we're all in the same country at the same time. :)


along with thinking about and prepping for homecoming, i've been snapping away on my 365 shots. i got this accidental favorite in the rain the other day. i took several shots of emma out in the rain with her umbrella. i got this shot quite by accident, lucky me. 

speaking of photos... if you're looking for some great photography tips & challenges, head over to ella publishing's blog every friday for the next several weeks to get your fill. the fabulous moon ko and i are putting together some fun thoughts, ideas and helpful hints... oh and there just may be some prizes, too! the first challenge is already up here.

and if you happen to be interested in the rest of the rainy day shots, you can see those here.



this past weekend i was blessed to enjoy some time with a few friends i hadn't seen in a long time. it's wonderful to have friends that you can pick up right where you left off with. we're all 15 years older, and lots of kids wiser... we laughed and talked and were thankful for enduring friendships and family.


monday, memorial day, i took the girls to a local cemetery to spend some time reflecting on how thankful we are for all of those who have served our great country, and for those who gave all for her. we shot up a few prayers for the families who have lost those that they love, and for safe returns for those who served... especially for the one nearest to our heart.

thank you so much to those so willing to give so much to keep us safe. God bless you & God bless America!


joscelyne cutchens said...

omgosh. that pic of little torrey and emma. so.dang.cute!
Your girls are as beautiful as ever.

Leonie said...

Beautiful Noel, Love the rain shot!

Stan said...

So here I am trying to beat the heat and counting the hours until I get to start my journey home and I come across your blog and find love and inspiration! You have an amazing way of bringing the important things of life into focus for me. I am truly a blessed man to have such an amazing woman by my side. I love you more than anything. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. I love you, ALWAYS!!!

Mary Lou said...

OMG....I'm supposed to follow Stan's beautiful words???? What a fabulous family you have and all the support and fans you have too!!!!

you are truly amazing......all the things you do and accomplish and you do it sooooo beautifully with such amazing attitude!!!!

{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}} and THANKS!

Veronica said...

I can't believe how much and how quickly time passes. You are truly a Blessed Woman! Off to check out Elle's so I can pick up some tips!
Continue to do what you do!!

♥Wendi said...

I follow your blog and just ♥ your work. I especially ♥ reading all about your sweet family. I am so excited for you and your girls for Stan's return. You are an amazing woman. I don't know how you do it. What an inspiration you are!

Luv2talk said...

The pictures are PRICELSS!

Your photog skillz ROCK!

...and Stan is on his way HOME!

Count your blessings, girl! :)

Anonymous said...

...who comes between me and my sister, but Lord, help the sister who comes between my and my man!...
Love it- and accidental favorites.

Our oldest Nicole has been dating a fellow for over a year, our youngset daughter, Emmalie doesn't care for this young man coming between her and her sister... The song is right on!

Latrice said...

Such cute pictures!
Thanks Stan for making me tear up! You lucky guy you!!

I love both pictures. Those girls are going to cause mom and dad trouble in a few years.

Thank you Noel for sharing your family with us and being your firecracker self!


elizabeth kartchner said...

i love that photo of your girls younger... oh they're so big now! :)



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