Sunday, May 23, 2010

something to look forward to


six months and eight days into deployment, and the end of deployment number six is in sight. with homecoming just a few weeks away i should be working like a crazy person to get ready. now don't get me wrong, we're preparing... we've started making signs, pulled out the zillions of flags, purchased dresses and shoes... you know, the important stuff. lol. but oh the cleaning... i'm procrastinating on that! sometimes it feels so overwhelming just to think of all that i'd like to get done, yet i manage to piddle away my time on other little things... and the cleaning gets pushed aside for another day.

now, i am married to the most amazing man on the planet, and i know he would be happy to come home without squeaky cleanliness around every corner... but then, expectation is never the reason i want to get every last little detail in place for his homecomings. it's partly that he's worked so hard, and served so well, i want home to shout how much all that he does means to us. and then there's stan's little o.c.d. side... as soon as he gets home he sees all of the little things to catch up on, and for those first few days, i just want to make home feel like a retreat... away from the zillion things you have to do. and then... there is this, it just makes him happy. my wonderful husband knows cleaning is not my strong point, (believe me, we've had many a laughs over this weakness.) and he appreciates every little thing that i (or several of my VERY gracious friends) can manage to get done. it makes him happy. that's reason enough for sure. 

so here's to hoping for excess motivation over the next couple of weeks to think of the hundreds of tiny details that will make my handsome man smile inside. not because i have to, but because i want to. even if i don't want to till the last minute! :)


beside the homecoming prep, i've been thinking about all of the things that have changed since stan left... all the things that he hasn't seen or been a part of. i guess it's just one of those trying to put myself in his shoes type of deals. the girls have grown a ton, and changed in the little ways that one never notices when they are around every day. our church moved into their new building. they're almost done building an amazing park down the road. friends have had new little ones added to their families. i partially redecorated our room. i'm sure there are a thousand other little things, i've forgotten all about. 

to all the men and women of the military that bravely leave their homes behind to watch out for the welfare of others, and especially for my dear husband: i only understand a little piece of the sacrifice you make... but i am forever grateful for you. thank you, and God bless you!




Amy Muffoletto said...

This all must have those butterflies flying circles in your tummy...I am sure seeing you and your girls is all he is wanting right now but I hear you... My hubby spent 4 years in the Marine Corp... it makes him very happy to come home to a clean house...I know it makes him happy and no matter how much I want to procrastinate I still do it to make him happy. God is so good and gives us his grace everyday. I am so happy your hubby will be home soon to hug and kiss you and your girls. Hugs,Amy

Michelle said...

So happy he will be home soon!!!!

Keshka said...

SO glad he is coming home!

Latrice said...

First off this picture of you is stunning! You look amazing girl. I'm so excited for you. I think about your family often and love your strength for doing what you do. You, your girls and Stan are a blessing. Smooches hon!

Karen P said...

Congrats on making it through another deployment!! And, also, thank you for serving as your husband could not be doing his job effectively without support from his family; praying for a wonderful reunion and time to just ignore the little things and focus on being together as a family!!

Luv2talk said...

Blah blah blah...get the freak'n house cleaned ;)

I'm happy for all of you. Kenny's just coming home from college and we're all pretty excited. I can only imagine what you all are feeling.

Here's to a happy homecoming!

MyRoseGarden said...

From one military wife to another~ congrats on making it thru another deployment. You have done a great job! I am so excited for your family. Homecoming will be wonderful. My DH is OCD too, and I like you am well....not. LOL. Each deployment or training, or whatever time apart we have to spend, I do the same thing. You know what though....who sleeps the night before homecoming? There is nothing better to do at 3AM than the last min cleaning. LOL.
Thank you, your beautiful girls, and Stan for all you do for our country!


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