Monday, May 31, 2010

{so thankful}

it's memorial day, and my thoughts of course, wander toward my husband who is overseas (but getting quite close to coming home). but more than that, memorial day is about all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. those that didn't come home. i've been spending countless hours this week going through the pictures of military homecomings over at pioneer woman. the images are powerful, heart breaking and so much more. it has renewed my perspective and thankfulness for our previous five homecomings, and the one coming up in less than two weeks... they were the homecomings where we got to hug and hold stan at the end. not the kind where we were handed a flag by a graveside.

i am so so thankful for the men and women who give so much, and are willing to give everything for this great country. and today i'm praying especially for the families who have lost the ones they've loved along the way. may God fill your heart today.

God bless our troops & God bless America!

homecoming 2006
homecoming 2006

homecoming 2008 - first hugs
homecoming 2008

first kiss - homecoming 2008
homecoming 2008


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how grown up your daughters have become throughout the past couple years.

To all who have sacrificed for our freedom and for those who continue to do so ... Thanks For Serving.

I went to see Rolling Thunder Sunday as they were enroute through Northern VA to the Pentagon. A very moving experience, thousands and thousands rolling into the Pentagon to demonstrate for their cause.

God Bless America.

Northern VA

4theloveofmyfamily said...

Your pictures are beautiful. They made me cry. God Bless you and your family.

<3 Heather

Lil-Rosi said...

I saw your pictures on Pioneer Woman last week - very precious! Thank you to your husband for his (and yours!) sacrifice for our country!

Sharon said...

The last picture of you and Stan made me cry! XX

Bethany said...

I watched CBS Sunday morning this past Sun., and they featured a gentleman who honors those who gave the greatest sacrifice. His dedication has turned into a family affair. They all go to a cemetery where they place over 1000flags, on servicemen and women's graves, as they call out their name. It made me cry, as your pictures have done. Thanks for your sacrifice.

Tami said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Special thanks for your family's sacrifice. My son is serving with the U.S. Army. It changes Memorial Day, for sure.

Your designs are great too.


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